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Bangladeshi “Biye Bari” Style Chicken Roast


In Bangladesh , there can be no wedding feast without a special kind of chicken preparation , named “roast” , though not roasted in proper meaning . But we call it roast and will always call roast, it being the main attraction in a wedding party after the bride and bride groom . 😀

This is a humble try to replicate that heavenly flavor . The exact flavor is quite impossible with out the smell of the charcoal and woodchips , these complete the flavor for sure . But even then , just a try to get at least the “almost” same flavor .


1 medium chicken , cut in 4 or 6 pieces
1 and 1/4 th cup heaped thinly sliced onion ( for bereshta)
1 tbl spoon + 1 tea spoon ginger paste ( I grate them finely in a grater, looks almost like paste )
2 tea spoon heaped garlic paste
2/3 rd cup yogurt
1/4 th cup sweet yogurt
7/8 green cardamoms ( don’t pound it)
2 sticks of cinnamon ( 1″ each)
Little less then 1/2 ( half) tea spoon black pepper ( whole)
8/9 cloves
1/2 tea spoon nutmeg and mace ( jaifil, javetri) powder
1/2 tea spoon cinnamon powder ( if your cinnamon stick is not that strong ; if strong reduce to 1/4 th tea spoon)
1 bay leaf
1 tea spoon raisin paste
5 or 6 alu bokhara
1/3 rd cup heavy cream or very thick milk or a can of table cream like Dano cream
9 or 10 whole green chilies
3-4 tbl spoon maowa/ khoya or if you don’t have maowa just use powder milk
Salt to taste
Sugar ( if nesessary)
Ghee 2 tbl spoon
Special masala , apply all

For that dry roast 1/2 tbl spoon poppy , 6 or 7 almonds/ cashew and 1/2 tbl spoon dessicated coconut . Grind them into a fine powder .


1. Take a large bowl and add yogurt , sweet yogurt , ginger paste , garlic paste , cardamoms , cinnamon stick , bay leaf ,whole black pepper , cloves , nutmeg and mace powder and salt . Add the chicken pieces and mix well . Marinate for at least 30 minutes .

2. Heat oil and add the thinly sliced onion . Fry until golden brown , what we call bereshta . Now , you can do two things . Either you can add the chicken pieces from the marinade and add to the bereshta ; or you can take out the bereshta from the oil and add the chicken pieces , if not using soft chicken and you like the chicken well fried in oil.

I used regular soft chicken , so I just added the chicken pieces from the marinade to the bereshta and fried each side for a minute . Careful , don’t burn your bereshta . So put the chicken pieces only when your bereshta is golden brown . Don’t darken the bereshta too much , it would ruin the taste and color . Now add the marinade and very little water . The chicken and yogurt will release water so don’t add too much water .

3. Cover the lid and cook on medium low flame until the chicken is tender and gravy is little reduced . Now Add the raisin paste , alu bokhara and cream . Add green chilies . If necessary , you can add little milk instead of water in this stage .

4. Add the special masala powder and maowa . Stir constantly . cook few more minutes . If necessary add little sugar. Spread some ghee over the chicken. Sprinkle keora water and cover the lid . Turn off the stove and keep the cooking pot on it until you serve . Don’t open the lid too until you serve as that would help the retaining the beautiful aroma of keora .

Garnish with bereshta , serve with polau , paratha , Naan .


Chicken Roast , traditional Bangladeshi Style , but in an easy-peasy way

Chicken Roast , traditional Bangladeshi Style , but in an easy-peasy way

Traditional Bangladeshi Chicken roast

I love experimenting with Desi style roasts .. Tried different recipes ..all of them r liked much . .. For me, if you are in rush , traditional Desi style chicken roast is one of the easiest recipe to try .It tastes really good and not too much hassle .. 🙂


1 baby chicken , cut in 4 pieces

Ginger juice from 1 tbl spoon of ginger paste

1/4 th cup yogurt

Ginger paste 1 and half tbl spoon

Garlic paste 1 and half teaspoon

Onion paste 1/4 th cup

Thinly Sliced onion 1 medium

Chili powder half teaspoon

2 bay leafs , 4 cardamom pods , 1 cinnamon stick ( 2 inch)

Thick milk / evaporated milk 1/4 th cup + a little extra regular milk= 1/3 rd cup

Maowa/ khoya 1 tbl spoon

Sugar to taste

Salt to taste

Green chilis

Keora water


ghee 1 teaspoon

raisins/ kishmish

Special Garam masala powder

For special garam masala powder grind half teaspoon cumin, half teaspoon whole coriander, 2/3 cardamoms , half teaspoon mace ( javetri), little nutmeg, 4 cloves and half teaspoon of black pepper/ white pepper into a fine powder .

Cooking Method :

1. Squeeze the juice from 1 tbl spoon of ginger paste and rub on the chicken pieces. Rub little salt too ..

2 . In a Kadahi/ korai or wok heat oil and add the chicken pieces … add the whole garam masala , now add the the sliced onions .. Stir frequently . When the onion is almost light brown in color add the ginger paste , garlic paste , onion paste, salt and fry . Add the yogurt , beaten with little water . Add chili powder . Keep cooking . Add water, not too much just enough to make the chicken well done . Cover the lid and cook. It won’t take much water , since it will get cooked while frying . when the water is drying out add the special garam masala powder , mix well , now add the milk and khoya . Add sugar and whole green chilies . Cover the lid and keep it on “DUM” or very low heat for atleast 5 minutes or until oil separates . Just pour a teaspoon of ghee into it to have that Shahi flavor . 🙂 .. Sprinke some keora water .

Ready in 25-30 minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. If you don’t have evaporated milk at home take 100 ml regular milk and add 1 tbl spoon of powder milk in it .

2. If you don’t have khoya at home don’t worry , mix little ghee with powder milk , until it forms a breadcrumb like texture.

Chicken Roast Desi Style

Chichen roast desi style

Chicken roast desi style


1. 1 chicken, cut in 4 or 6 pieces
2. Yogurt half cup + 1/8th cup for marination
3. 1 and half table spoon of ginger paste
4. 2 teaspoon garlic paste
5. 3/4 th cup of chopped onion
6. tomato sauce 1 and half tbl spoon
7. Tamarind sauce ( store bought) 1 teaspoon
8. Chili powder 1 teaspoon
9. Coriander Powder half teaspoon
10. Salt
11.Bayleaf, cinnamon, cardamoms
12. Pinch of yellow food color ( optional)
13. Sugar to taste
14. Oil+ ghee
15 Maowa/ khoya 1 tbl spoon, make it loose with your hand
16. Handful of green chilies
17. Special Garam masala powder

For Special Garam Masala Powder grind half teaspoon of cumin, half teaspoon of whole coriander, 4/5 cloves, 3/4 cardamoms,half teaspoon black/white pepper, 1 teaspoon poppy seed , little mace and nutmeg together into a fine smooth powder.

Cooking Method:

1. Marinate the chicken pieces with 1/8 th cup yogurt and and salt.

2. In another bowl tale half cup pf yogurt, whisk it and add ginger paste, garlic paste, salt, tomato sauce, tamarind sauce, chili powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder and food color in it.Mix well.

3.In a wok heat oil+ghee and fry the chicken for a while. Keep aside the chicken pieces ..

4.Now add bayleaf, cinnamon and 2 cardamoms in the oil , fry a little then add chopped onion and fry until they turn brown.Pour the yogurt mix and the chicken. Add little water and cover with a lid. When oil separates add sugar and handful of green chilies. Add maowa/khoya…Turn off the stove and keep the wok on it with lid on for 5 / 10 minutes.
Enjoy your Chicken roast with Polau/ Pilaf, Paratha..