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Club Sandwich, egg and cold crab salad layers

Club Sandwich, egg and cold crab salad layers

Club Sandwich, egg and cold crab salad layers

Ingredients :

3 pieces of bread
1 boiled egg
Half teaspoon butter
Salt to taste
Thinly sliced Cucumber
Crushed black pepper ( optional)
Cold crab salad

Cold Crab Salad:

Crab meat 1/4 th cup ( cooked / boiled)
Mayonnaise 1 tbl spoon ( you can add more , but since i’m on diet , I just took 1 tbl spoon)
Sour Cream/ plain yogurt 1 tbl spoon
Grated Carrot little less than 1/4 th cup
Crushed mustard (yellow) or Dijon Mustard a pinch
Sugar , little less than half tea spoon ( optional)
Crushed black pepper 1/4 th tea spoon
Sliced onion and bell peppers ( optional)

Mix everything together .Keep it in the refrigerator before you serve or use . Your cold crab salad is ready.

Sandwich Procedure:

1. Cut the edges of the breads.

2. Slice the boiled egg and fry them a minute or two in half tea spoon butter. Add very little salt and black pepper . Let it cool.

3. Apply butter on your bread , but since I’m on diet , I skipped this part . I didn’t take any extra butter . Now put the egg on the bread and add sliced cucumber on top of it . Cover the bread with another piece of bread. Now apply the cold crab salad on the top of it . Cover it with the other piece of bread . Press lightly so that they stack together nicely. Cut into two pieces .
Your two pieces of Yummy club sandwich is ready!!!!!!!!! 😀