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Lychee-pomegranate Medley!!!!!!!!!!

Lychee-pomegranate Medley!!!!!!!!!!

Lychee-Pomegranate Medly!!!!!!!!!


Pomegranate Juice Half Cup
Lychee Juice Half Cup
Club Soda 1/3rd Cup
Ruh Afza ( For the Sorbet)


Mix pomegranate juice, lychee juice and club soda together and done !!!!!!!!The red thing floating on the top is pomegranate and ruh afza mixed sorbet..For the sorbet mix pomegranate and ruhafza together..You may freeze it on ice cube case or like my hubby he did it with my muffin pan!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A refreshing cool summer drink, Ruh Afza mixed lemonade with Tokma /Basil Seed/ Takmaria

A refreshing cool summer drink, Ruh Afza mixed lemonade with tokma/ basil seed /takmaria

A refreshing cool summer drink


Tokma/basil seed/ takmaria
Sugar ( according to taste)
Ruh Afza ( according to taste)
Lemon Juice ( according to taste)
Ice Cold water


Mix everything together except tokma . Now soak tokma in the drink and keep it in the refrigerator. After 10/15 minutes the basil seed/ tokma will grow in volume forming a viscous gel . Tokma is very helpful for curing constipation and it helps to keep your body cool during summer time too.