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Dudh Chitoi


Winter is no winter without the decadent , soaked in heavenly milk-date molassess syrup “Chitoi Pitha” , the variation known as Dudh Chitoi .

For the basic Chitoi pitha recipe click the following link;



8 chitoi pithas
4-5 cups of water
Solid Date molassess ( khejur gur patali) , grated or broken in small pieces ,according to the taste
1/2 cup or more grated coconut
1 cup of evaporated milk or very thick milk

Procedure :

1. In order to make dudh chitoi , the pithas need to be hot . It can be freshly made or made previously but steamed later on to warm them up .

2. Make a molasess syrup by boiling water with the molasess until little thick . The syrup should be thin but not too watery . It must not be thick , or else the pithas won’t soak up the syrup. Depending on the size of pithas you may need more water .

3. Add the coconut .

4. Now immediately add the warm/ hot pithas into the hot syrup . Cover . Cook another 12/15 minutes The pithas will soak up much syrup .

5. When the syrup is cooled down or slightly warm , add slightly warm milk into it . Don’t add hot milk or don’t add milk into very hot syrup , that would separate water from milk . The syrup and milk both must be slightly warm . Now cover it and let the pithas to be soaked atleast 4/5 hours .

Enjoy !!!


1. Always use puffed up soft pithas for dudh chitoi . While making the chitoi pitha , if your batter is too thick , the pithas will be very dense and will not soak the syrup .

2. Many add cardamom , bayleaf in the syrup . Please don’t do this . This ruins the flavor of date molassess .