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Double Layered Fruit Custurd

Double Layered Fruit Custurd

Double Layered Fruit Custurd

Two Different tastes together…


First layer:

1. Milk 1 liter
2. 2 egg yolks
3. Custard Powder ( as directed in the packet)
4. Sugar to taste

Second Layer:

1. Sweetened Condensed milk half tin
2. Sour Cream 100 gram
3. Heavy cream ( whipped) 100 gram

And Fruits of your choice


Pour 1 litre milk in a pot.. Either Cold or of room temperature. Remember they must not be hot…Take 1 cup from it…Blend two egg yolks ( only the yolk) and Custard powder with that milk..Now mix them with the remaining milk of the pot..Turn on the stove and boil them..Add sugar…Stir constantly.. It will take a while until they become thick..Make a medium thick custard….Keep it aside to cool..better to keep it in the fridge after it gets cool..

For the second custard mix condensed milk, sour cream/ yogurt and heavy cream together…Mix some canned fruit with it like canned mangosteen, pineaple and canned palm seeds..

Now in a transparent bowl pour some of the from the first custard and then add your favorite fruits, like banana, mango, papaya..You may add swiss roll pieces too..Add some blob of jello…Pour the first custard again.. Now pour the second custard …Decorate them with jello..Keep it in the refrigerator..serve when it’s cool…yummy..