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Kheer-Kadam, an exotic Bengali sweet

Kheer-Kadam, an exotic Bengali sweet

Kheer-kadam, an exotic Bengali sweet

What an exotic sweet Kheer-kadam , otherwise known as Raskadam, is enclosing another one!!!!!! It’s a kind of sweet , where a sweet is covered by a layer , turning it completely into a new kind!!!!! When I cut the sweet , my 7 year old daughter was so amazed !!!! She was like , her mom surely be a great magician !!!! She kept asking me ” How did you put another sweet into this sweet ball???” I pretty much saw myself, the little Khadiza, in her innocent query!!!! I used to wonder too , every time I had those cute, “full of surprise” delights !!!!!!

The making process of Kheer-kadam is pretty simple . Usually Roshgolla is used to be covered by the outer layer . But being a bit adventurous , used laalmohon/ gulabjamun . Moreover the outer layer is often prepared by the khoya or mawa . I made khoya with instant full cream milk powder.

For the Laalmohon or gulabjamun recipe , plz click the link below


Now Let’s move on to make those pretty Kheer-kadams.

For 4 Kheer kadams:


4 medium sized gulabjamun ( take a size smaller than the usual one)

For the outer Layer:

Full cream milk powder,2/3 rd cup
Condensed milk a little less than 1/4 th cup
Evaporated milk/ Whipping cream 1/4 th cup ( if u don’t have anything, regualar full cream liquid milk will do too )
Ghee 1 and half tbl spoon
Powdered cardamom,few pinches
yellow food color , a drop (optional)


1. Make the gulabjamun and after taking out from syrap , keep them in the refrigerator . It will make them firm and the layer can be made easily . 🙂

2. Mix all the ingredients for the outer layer in a bowl . Mix well , so that no lump is there . Now Heat a pan and put the mixture into the pan . Stir continuously until forms a dough . Transfer it to a plate and let it cool .
I often do it in microwave too . But you have to be careful , so that it must not get burnt.

3. Now when it cools down , put it in the fridge too for 5/ 10 minutes . It will help to shape properly .

4. Take out the gulabjamuns and khoya from the refrigerator . Now cover the gulabjamuns with the khoya .

5. Dust the balls with powdered khoya . For powdered khoya , mix milk powder and ghee in a proportion to make a breadcrumb like texture . Strain them . Your powdered khoya is ready !!!!!!!!



1. Don’t forget to keep the gulabjamuns in the fridge . Because if you take too soft jamuns , you will never be able to make the perfect shape .When you keep it in the refrigerator, the jamuns get little firm as the syrup dries out , making it perfectly suitable for kheer-kadam.

2. If you find difficulties in shaping kheer kadam , in case the khoya is soft enough to shape evenly . Don’t worry . Shape as nice as you can . Put it back in the fridge . After 5/ 10 minutes , take them out from the fridge . You will see the outer layer is firmer now .Try to correct the shape with your hand . 🙂


Kalakand/ Indian Milk Cake

Kalakand/ Indian Milk Cake

Kalakand/Indian Milk Cake , a super easy way..


For Chaana/ chesse

1. Milk 1 ltr / 4 cups

2. Lemon Juice 1 and half table spoon

Other Ingredients:

1. Ghee/clarified butter 2 tbl spoon

2. Powder Milk 4/5 tbl spoon

3. Condensed Milk a little more than half Tin

4. Cardamom Powder/ Elach guro half teaspoon

5. Yellow food color very little ( optional)

Cooking Method:

1. Heat the milk and bring it to a boil stirring occasionally so that the milk should not get burnt on the bottom. Then add the lemon juice and stir until the greenish water is seen, i.e, the whey is separated and the milk curdled.

2. Now remove almost all the whey/ water from the cheese , taking a little amount of it . If you strain all the whey no prob at all. 🙂

3. Continue to cook the Chaana on the stove on medium low heat. Add ghee, cardamom powder and sweetend condensed milk. Keep stirring. It will get thicker and will form water less lump. Remember Kalakand should have that crumbly texture.Then add the powder milk and a little bit of yellow food color. But yes of course, You can alwayz omit the food color part.. 😀 … Keep cooking until the mixture come together.

4. When done transfer it to a greased( with butter/ghee) serving dish. Let it cool and then cut it with a greased knife. Garnish with Pistachio and raisins.