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Kabab Roll – Viqarunninsa Noon School Canteen Style


I’m a proud Viqi !! Yes , my school is the most renowned school in Bangladesh, Viqarunnisa Noon School !! Among the all proud possession of the Viqis , the legend , the brand , the name Fakruddin Baburchi is one of them . Late Fakruddin Baburchi is a legend in the culinary field of Bangladesh , probably the most respected and renowned one . But behind all his success , there is an institution – our school Viqi Noon . Well , that’s a long story , may be some other day !!

For many years , the tiffins for the school girls are being made by the Fakruddin Baburchi and his heirs . The best snacks of our time . Still feel nostalgic thinking of them . The kabab porota ( kabab roll) is undoubtedly the best and most popular among all those yummy snacks . Just wanted to give a try . So here you go with Fakruddin Baburchi style kabab roll aka kabab porota . 🙂


For the kabab:

1 lb / 500 gram ground beef mince
1 tea spoon ginger paste
1/2 tea spoon garlic paste
3 tbl spoon bereshta/ fried onion
1 tea spoon red chili powder
1 tea spoon paprika ( for color)
1/2 tea spoon dry roasted cumin ( jeera) powder
1/2 tea spoon cinnamon ( darchini) powder
1/2 tea spoon nutmeg powder
1/2 tea spoon garam masala/ kabab masala powder
2 tbl spoon chopped mint/pudina
1 beaten egg
1/2 tbl spoon yogurt
1 tbl spoon ghee
3 tbl spoon dry roasted chickpea powder or dry roasted besan or 1/3 rd cup breadcrumb
Salt to taste ( around 3/4th tea spoon)


1. Blend the mince again in a food processor with egg .

2. Now mix all the ingredients together and marinate for at least 1 hour. Shape them in a size and shape of sausages. Now bake in apreheated oven for 15/20 minutes at 400 FH or shallow fry in a frying pan .


Ingredients :

1 cup all purpose flour/ maida
1 tea spoon oil
1 tea spoon sugar
1/4 th tea spoon salt
Luke warm water as needed for kneading


1. Make a medium soft dough with the ingredients . Cover it with a damp cloth or cling film and let it rest for at least 1 hour .

2. Now oil the surface on which you will roll out the paratha and oil the rolling pin too . Don’t use any flour for rolling it out . Roll the porota out into a round disk . Now apply some ghee over the disk and dry out with cornstarch. Roll the disk into a log ( like a swiss roll) and shape it like a round patty .
You can also cut the disk and form a cone . Press the edges of the cone and form a round patty . Now roll again with the help of oil . Don’t use any extra flour while rolling out .

3. Dry fry it ( without any oil ) first . Then add 1 tea spoon ghee or oil on each side of the paratha and fry again .

Let it cool a little bit and assmeble the kabab into it .