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Kabob- e- Jujeh literally means grilled chicken and it consists of grilled pieces of chicken . This is one of the most popular kabob ( Persian accent for kabab) in Iran , often served with rice or Naan – e Lavash, a special kind of flat bread . Jujeh is typically ,like most other Persian kabobs , not spicy at all . Very few ingredients are used but the use of reasonable amount of saffron is noticeable , that being responsible for that marvelous golden look of jujeh ! As I said earlier , only few ingredients are needed for this beautiful kabob , onion , lemon juice , white or black pepper and saffron being the main ingredients . But to make it more tender , juicy and flavorful I added few secret ingredients too . Those are mayonnaise , orange zest and orange juice . 🙂 Usually breast meat are preferred for this kabob but you can use both breast and thigh meat, but should be boneless . I used breast meat and they turned out too good !!

Ingredients :

1.5 lb of boneless chicken , preferably breast meat , cut in cubes
1 medium-large onion , finely chopped
3 tbl spoon of yogurt ( try to not take the water)
1 and half tbl spoon of mayonnaise
2 tbl spoon of lemon juice
3 tbl spoon of fresh orange juice
2 tea spoon of orange zest
Little more than 1/4 th tea spoon of turmeric powder
1/2 tea spoon of good quality saffron, powdered and soaked in 1 tbl spoon of hot water
Salt to taste
2 tea spoon of white or black pepper , crushed
4 tbl spoon of olive oil
Saffron food color , optional , but that really helps to achieve that golden color.

Other ingredients:

Coal to give smoke

Procedure :

1. Marinate the chicken pieces with all the ingredients and cover the bowl with plastic . Keep it in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours . The longer , the better . preferably 24 hours marination .

2. Give coal smoke just before you are ready to prepare it . For that lit the charcoal very well , then place it on a metal or small aluminium foil cup . Place it over the marinated meat and add some oil or ghee over the charcoal . Cover the bowl of the meat to lock the smoke inside . Leave it like that for 10 minutes .

3. Thread the chicken pieces onto metal skewers and grill until the chicken pieces are well-cooked . I did it in oven . For that bake in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes at 400 FH and then broil for another 12-12 minutes .

Serve hot with saffron rice or Shirin polo or Naaan -e Lavash .