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Pranhara/ kachagolla

Pranhara/ kachagolla

Pranhara/ Kachagolla

Pranhara , otherwise known as Kachagolla is one of that Bengali sweets , I can die for . I came across many pranhara or kacha golla recipes , but found either complex ( for a “fakibaaz” like me) or the process not giving justice to the name Kachagolla . Kacha golla is that round , roshgolla like sweet , where unlike roshgolla, the chaana ( cheese) is not cooked ! That is , the Chaana is kacha or raw !!!! So this is the recipe , I tried to make easy-peasy for everyone and ofcourse without compromising the real taste;


2/3 cup chaana

Powder Milk 6 tbl spoon
Ghee 1/2 tablepoon
Sugar to taste ( around 4 -5 tbl spoon for 2/3 cup chaana)
Cardamom powder , a pinch

Procedure to make Chaana:

Boil 4 cups of milk and when it comes to the boiling point , turn off the stove and add 2 tbl spoon of lemon juice . When the Water separates drain the chaana on a cheese cloth , wash with cold water . Squezze well , so that no water should be there . Your chaana is ready.

Procedure for Kachagolla/ Pranhara:

1. Take chaana,sugar, ghee and cardamom powder in a bowl . Knead well until smooth . Remember , try to squeeze all the water from chaana before you make this sweet.

2. Now turn on the heat of your stove on low flame . Put the chaana on a pan and cook on a low flame just that long needed to evaporate the water or moist from the chaana ( as sugar gives moisture to the chaana) . Don’t cook on high flame or for too long , then it will get hard and not giving justice to the name kachagolla .

3. add the powder milk and mix very well with the chaana . Transfer immediately on a plate . Shape in round balls , when cools . Roll it over dry mawa . Your Kachagolla/ pranhara is readyy . 🙂

For dry mawa , mix ghee with powder milk in a proportion so that it has breadcrumb like texture. Strain with a strainer . Yur dry mawa is ready !!!!!