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Bihari Kabab / Bangladeshi style Sheekh kabab

Bihari Kabab / Bangladeshi style Sheekh kabab

Bihari Kabab / Bangladeshi style Sheekh kabab

This is a truly melt in mouth kind of kabab !! Though Sheekh kababs are authentically made with mince meat but in Bangladesh sheekh kababs are made of thin pieces of beef,skewered in large Sheekh or metal skewer and those spicy pieces of heaven would just melt in your mouth !! Bangladeshi residing Biharis played a vital role in the country’s kabab industry .. Most of the kababs are inspired and introduced by these Biharis !!!! No wonder , that’s the reason , the authentic Behari kabab tastes exactly like our version of Sheekh kabab !!
Before I proceed to the recipe , I’d love to share some important ponts ;

1. Marination is very important . Marinate the meat for at least 24 hours .
2. Tenderize the meat by pounding and applying good amount of green papaya paste or grated green papaya , and don’t forget the skin !!! Take the papaya with skin !!!
3. Generous amount of Mustard oil ( shorishar tel) in the marination !!!!
4. Don’t forget to smoke the meat with coal !!


750 gram solid , under cut meat
3 tbl spoon finely grated raw papaya( with skin) or papaya paste with skin
1/3 rd cup yogurt
1/3 rd cup fried onion or bereshta
2 tea spoon spoon ginger paste
2 tea spoon garlic paste
1/2 tea spoon cinnamon powder
1/2 tea spoon nutmeg powder
3/4 th tea spoon roasted cumin powder
1 tea spoon ( heaped) red chili powder
1 tea spoon paprika powder
1 tea spoon poppyseed / posto paste ( optional)
2 tea spoon Bihari kabab masala
1/3 rd cup mustard ( shorishar tel) oil
Salt to taste

Bihari Kabab masala :

5/ 6 dried red chili
1 tbl spoon cumin ( jeera)
1 tbl spoon whole coriander ( dhonia)
3 Black cardamom
4/5 green cardamom
1/2 tea spoon mace ( javetri)
1/4 th tea spoon nutmeg ( jaifol)
9/10 cloves ( long)
2 tea spoon black pepper
1 star anise
1 tea spoon fennel
1 tea spoon kababchini ( optional)

Dry roast the spices and then grind them into a fine powder . it’s better to dry roast the cumin separately and not to dry roast black pepper .

Other Ingredients:

1 coal to smoke
Ghee to smoke the charcoal


1. Cut the meat into thin 2″ or 3 ” strips . Pound them with meat tenderizer hammer or something heavy . But don’t overdo .

2. Marinate the meat with papaya paste first then add all the ingredients. Marinate for at least 24 hours . Keep it in the refrigerator .

3. Light a coal completely . It should be all burning . Now place it on a metal or small aluminum bowl . Add this bowl over the bowl of meat . Add ghee all over the coal and cover with a lid to smoke the meat completely . Keep it like this 10-15 minutes .

4. Skew the meat pieces into the skewer . Rub some extra oil over it . I added a little bit of ghee too .

5. Preheat the oven to 400 FH . Now bake the kababs for 20-30 minutes . Broil it another 15- 20 minutes or until get little charred.

Enjoy with paratha , naan or ruti !! Don’t forget the raita !!! 😀


1. Don’t skip the smoking part . It gives you the flavor we get in a kabab house .

2. If you use bamboo skewer , then soak the skewers into the water for at least half n hour . That would prevent the blackening of the skewers . 🙂

3. While baking , the water from the meat and oil will come out . Just before broiling just remove the excess juice and oil from the kabab so that you get the perfect look .


Nargisi kofta / kabab

Nargisi kofta / kabab

Nargisi kofta / kabab

Kofta has it’s origin in Central Asia and with the conquest of muslim emperors , it’s being introduced in the Sub-continent . Among the many variations , the most elegant one is undoubtedly Nargisi kofta , where a hard boil egg is stuffed in a layer of ground meat . The British Scotch egg is considered to be inspired by this amazing Mughal delicacy during the reign of British in the Sub-continent .

There are several versions of Nargisi kofta . Sometimes raw grounded keema/ mince is used . Sometimes the keema is boiled with split pea or chick pea and then grounded again to use the kofta . Sometimes the kofta is cooked in gravy , while sometimes it is served dry , without gravy .

Among these various versions , I would love to share the raw mince version and withhout gravy . 🙂


2 lb beef mince
4 or 5 hard boiled eggs
1/2 cup fried onion or bereshta
1 tea spoon ginger-garlic paste
1/4 th cup chopped mint or pudina
1/2 tea spoon red chili powder
1 tea spoon finely chopped green chili
1/2 tea spoon cinnamon powder
1/4 th tea spoon nutmeg powder
1/4 th tea spoon mace/ javetri powder
1/2 tea spoon cumin powder
3/4th tea spoon Garam masala or kabab masala
2 or 3 beaten eggs
1 slice of bread , soaked in milk
salt to taste

Other ingredients :

Beaten egg white for frying .

Procedure :

1. Squeeze the milk from the bread so that there is no single drop of milk . Now mix the mince with bereshta , ginger-garlic paste, pudina , green chili , chili powder , cinnamon powder , nutmeg-mace powder , garam masala powder , cumin powder , salt , bread slice and beaten eggs . Keep it in the fridger for 1 hour .

2. Prick the eggs with the sharp edge of knife or toothpick from one side to other , keeping the egg in tact . It will help the eggs not to burst after adding them in the oil . Now take each egg and cover with good amount of keema/ mince . Coat in beaten egg white and deep fry on medium- low flame until done .
Cut in halves lengthwise before you serve . Cut after the kofta cooled down . 🙂


1. Don’t wash the keema/ mince for any kabab or kofta . Ask the butcher to wash the meat first then make a keema of it . If the keema is washed , the kabab will fall apart after putting them in oil to fry . Washing of mince also degrades the texture and flavor of kababs . It is a very important note to remember .
If the keema is washed , you will need more binding agent so that it does not fall apart after adding them in the oil . But the more binding agent like bread , flour , besan , cornflour you use , the more it gets tough .

2. To avoid the bursting of eggs in the oil , as I said earlier , always prick the eggs with a knife or toothpick from one side to another before you enclose the egg in the mince patty . And also try to cover the eggs with good amount of mince because after adding the kofta to the oil , the meat tends to shrink down , so if there is not enough mince around the eggs , the mince will fall apart . 🙂

3. Don’t use egg yolks to coat them before frying . Using of egg whites only will help the oil to be clean other wise the oil you are using will get dark .

4. It is always preferred to keep the koftas in the fridger for at least 1 -2 hour before frying them in oil .




Kabob- e- Jujeh literally means grilled chicken and it consists of grilled pieces of chicken . This is one of the most popular kabob ( Persian accent for kabab) in Iran , often served with rice or Naan – e Lavash, a special kind of flat bread . Jujeh is typically ,like most other Persian kabobs , not spicy at all . Very few ingredients are used but the use of reasonable amount of saffron is noticeable , that being responsible for that marvelous golden look of jujeh ! As I said earlier , only few ingredients are needed for this beautiful kabob , onion , lemon juice , white or black pepper and saffron being the main ingredients . But to make it more tender , juicy and flavorful I added few secret ingredients too . Those are mayonnaise , orange zest and orange juice . 🙂 Usually breast meat are preferred for this kabob but you can use both breast and thigh meat, but should be boneless . I used breast meat and they turned out too good !!

Ingredients :

1.5 lb of boneless chicken , preferably breast meat , cut in cubes
1 medium-large onion , finely chopped
3 tbl spoon of yogurt ( try to not take the water)
1 and half tbl spoon of mayonnaise
2 tbl spoon of lemon juice
3 tbl spoon of fresh orange juice
2 tea spoon of orange zest
Little more than 1/4 th tea spoon of turmeric powder
1/2 tea spoon of good quality saffron, powdered and soaked in 1 tbl spoon of hot water
Salt to taste
2 tea spoon of white or black pepper , crushed
4 tbl spoon of olive oil
Saffron food color , optional , but that really helps to achieve that golden color.

Other ingredients:

Coal to give smoke

Procedure :

1. Marinate the chicken pieces with all the ingredients and cover the bowl with plastic . Keep it in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours . The longer , the better . preferably 24 hours marination .

2. Give coal smoke just before you are ready to prepare it . For that lit the charcoal very well , then place it on a metal or small aluminium foil cup . Place it over the marinated meat and add some oil or ghee over the charcoal . Cover the bowl of the meat to lock the smoke inside . Leave it like that for 10 minutes .

3. Thread the chicken pieces onto metal skewers and grill until the chicken pieces are well-cooked . I did it in oven . For that bake in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes at 400 FH and then broil for another 12-12 minutes .

Serve hot with saffron rice or Shirin polo or Naaan -e Lavash .


Gola Kabab/Lola kabab

Gola Kabab/Lola kabab

Gola Kabab/Lola kabab

Gola or Lola kabab, a kind of rolled meat ball , are originated in Kandahar, Afganistan by the Poshtuns ; but it’s incredible softness and melt-in- mouth kind made it so popular , even beyond the boundary of it’s origin . The shape of the kabab resembles to that of the cannons or “gola”s , that is why it is named gola kabab. Gola kababs can be pan fried in a very little oil or can be grilled on charcoal or even baked and broiled in a oven . When grilled on charcoal , the golas of minced meat are put around the skewer , tied around with a thread , because unlike boti or sheekh kabab , only minced meat are used and if they are not tied with thread , the kabab may fall apart . For gola kabab , not only minced meat is used , the meat should be double minced , i.e, the mince meat will be beaten / blended again with spices before they are put on charcoal or pan fried . 🙂 Many uses binding agent like egg or besan( gram flour) in the recipe, but trust me , you won’t get the authentic taste if you use those binding ingredients . The kababs tend to fall apart and that’s the beauty .

There are some very important notes to be remembered for the perfect gola kabab . I will discuss them at the end of the recipe.


Ingredients to be mixed with mince:

Minced Beef 2 cups ( 1cup= 250 ml)
Ginger , grated 2 and half tea spoon
Garlic grated 1 tea spoon
Raw papaya , grated 2-3 tbl spoon
Chopped onion 2 tbl spoon
Fried onion ( bereshta) 1/4 th cup
Chopped green chili
Chopped mint 2 tbl spoon
Chopped cilantro 1 tbl spoon
Ghee 1 tbl spoon
Salt t o taste

Other ingredients:

Special Masala
Yogurt 1 tbl spoon
Cinnamon Powder 1/4th tea spoon
Nutmeg Powder 1/4th teaspoon
Charcoal Smoke of one charcoal

Special Masala:

Jeera 1 tea spoon
Whole coriander 1 teaspoon
Black pepper 1 teaspoon
Cloves 5/6
Fennel half teaspoon
All spice/ kabab chini 2/3
Star anise , half of one
Black cardamom, half of one
4/5 green cardamom
Dry red chili 2/ 3
Mace half a teaspoon

Grind them together into a fine powder . We need all , the whole quantity for this recipe . I skipped one spice, which is known as “filfil daraj” or long pepper , since I couldn’t find them in my nearby grocery . If you get them, take only 1 in this masala.


1. Put the minced beef in a food processor or blender with all the ingredients mentioned in “ingredients to be mixed with the mince”. Don’t add any water . beat / blend well .

2. Add 1 tbl spoon of yogurt and special masala in it . Don’t take the water of the yogurt . try to drain out the water from it before adding with the mince .

3. Smoke the mince with charcoal for five minutes . For that lit the charcoal very well , place it in a small bowl and put that small bowl on the mince . Then add ghee to the charcoal to create the smoke . cover the bowl with a lid and smoke the mince for 5 minutes.

4. Shape the kababs And keep it in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours . Don’t put them in the deep chamber. Keeping them in refrigerator for a longer time will help the kababs to get firmer and also the spices will get into very well .

For the grill

5. For Pan frying , take a little oil to fry . At first , fry them on medium low heat for 10 minutes then increase the heat and fry another five minutes . Don’t over fry or else the meat will get tight . Be vary careful while flipping over . Try to flip one by one carefully , otherwise they may fall apart .

You may bake the kababs in oven for 15 minutes at 375 FH and then broil another 5 minutes or until done .


1. Don’t wash the mince . So before making the keema or mince , wash your meat well . There should be no water in the mince .

2. I used grated ginger, garlic and papaya to avoid extra water .

3. The kababs tend to fall apart , so fry them gently . Don’t try to turn them over again and again . After taking them out from the oven , take out the skewer carefully , or else u may end up with broken kababs. If you are afraid of broken kababs , you may tie a thread around the kabab before frying and grilling .

Croquette / Beef- potato-noodles kabab

Croquette / Beef- potato-noodles kabab

Croquette / Beef- potato-noodles kabab

It happens sometimes , you need to make some kababs in big batch immediately ,but opening the fridge,just discovered , you almost ran out of ground meat !!!! Don’t panic , try this recipe !!!!!!!

It can be an ideal snack for your kid’s school lunch too . You can prepare these ahead of time. Fridge it and just fry them when needed.


Beef keema ( ground beef) half cup
1 small potato, boiled and mashed
Half packet of Maggi noodles , boiled and drained out.
Ginger paste little more than half tea spoon
Garlic paste half tea spoon
Soy sauce 1 tbl spoon
Kabab masala/ garam masala 1 tea spoon
Fried onion 1/4 th cup
Chopped mint 1 tbl spoon
Chopped cilantro 1 tbl spoon
Chopped green chili to taste
1 tbl spoon of cornstarch
Salt to taste

For coating:

1 egg


1. Boil the ground beef with ginger-garlic paste and soy sauce . Dry out the water and blend it without adding any water .

2. Combine beef, mashed potato and noodles together . Add Kabab masala , fried onion, chopped mint , chopped cilantro , green chili and salt with it . Now add the cornstarch. Mix very well. Shape them in Croquette’s shape. Dip in the beaten egg and coat with breadcrumbs.

3. Deep fry them on medium low flame until golden brown .

Serve hot with your favorite dips!!!!!!!!


1. As I said earlier , you can make them ahead of time . In that case after shaping and coating , place them in a box and keep the box in your deep-fridge chamber . Just take them out and fry , whenever needed.

2. If you want to serve immediately after making , then after shaping and coating , keep them in the fridge for a while before frying. It would surely give you a better look and taste . 🙂


Jali Kabab

Jali Kabab

Jali kabab

The word ‘jali” refers to net. The outer texture of this Old Dhaka special kabab has that net effect by using a special technique. Simple but needs perfection!!!! The first time I made jali kabab , looked like a “kabab stuffed fried egg” !!!! 😦 I learnt from this error that the egg mixture should be thin to make those jali !!!!!Failure is the pillar of success, indeed!!!!!!!!!!!



250 gram of raw keema
1 piece of bread, soaked
Fried onion 3 tbl spoon
Ginger paste 1 teaspoon
Garlic paste half tea spoon
Raw Papaya paste 1 tea spoon ( optional)
Red chili powder 1/4 th tea spoon
Special Kabab Masala 1 tea spoon ( dry roast cumin , whole coriander , red chili , allspice/ kababchini ( optional), black peeper , cloves , fennel , mace and nutmeg together and grind them into a smooth powder )
Nutmeg powder a pinch
Chopped mint or pudina 1 tbl spoon
Chopped cilantro 1 tbl spoon
Chopped green chili
1 beaten egg
Salt to taste

For coating and frying:

2 eggs mixed with water
Bread crumbs


1. Mix all the ingredients together other than the ingredients mentioned for coating and frying.

2. Shape them and keep them in the refrigerator for half an hour. That would make the kabab firm.

3. Dip the kabab into egg , then coat them lightly with bread crumbs and then again dip them into the egg and deep fry . Take some egg mixture in your hand and lightly sprinkle them in circular motion into the oil to create that net affect .

Serve hot with Biriyani or Pulao!!!!!!!!!!