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Couscous Firni


My husband sometimes get crazy while doing grocery !! He just keep going buying without thinking quantity and sometimes quality . That’s the reason I never let him do the grocery alone !!! Few weeks ago he bought 2 large 27 oz jar of instant couscous !! He saved $2 buying these 2 packs and with a big smile of victory (!!) he told me ” isn’t it a nice deal ??”.. :O Such a fat bargain made in a fluke !!

Few days back , I made firni with this couscous , turned out great . You can do it without any hassle and in no time . I’m calling it firni as the texture is as same as the firni . If you want to know the difference between firni , kheer and payash , please click the link below


Part A :

3/4 th cup of instant couscous
3/4 th cup milk
1 tea spoon butter
A tiny pinch of salt

Part B:

3 and 1/2 cup milk
1/4 th cup powder milk
1/2 cup – 3/4 th cup sugar ( according to taste)
3/4 green cardamoms
1 little stick of cinnamon
1 bayleaf
Saffron , soaked in little milk
A tiny pinch of saffron/ zafrani food color ( optional)
Rose water
Chopped nuts ( almond , pistachio) and raisins


Part A:

1. Boil the 3/4 th cup of milk with tiny pinch of salt and butter . Turn off the stove .

2. Add the couscous , mix and cover the lid . After 10 minutes the couscous will absorb the milk . Now fluff it up with a fork . Set it aside.

Part B:

1. Mix powder milk to the regular full fat milk and boil it with the cardamoms , cinnamon and bay leaf . Reduce the milk a bit .

2. Add the couscous and stir until it is well incorporated in the milk without having any lump . Cook a little more , like 10 minutes in a medium low heat, stirring occassioanly .

3. Add the sugar , cook another 5-7 minutes , stirring continuously . At this stage you may add some chopped nuts and raisins . Sprinkle some rose water. Turn off the stove . Don’t thicken the firni too much as it tends to thicken after cooling down .

4. Pour in a serving bowl and garnish with chopped nuts and raisins .

Dudhkodu/ Dudh lau / Bottole gourd kheer

Dudhkodu/ Dudh lau / Bottole gourd kheer

Dudhkodu/ Dudh lau / Bottole gourd kheer

Bottle gourd Kheer or Dudh kodu is one of my very favorite dessert since childhood . My grandma was super expert in making this dessert . The creamy texture of the kheer and the taste , out of the world!!!!!!!!!!!


Grated Bottole gourd 2 cups ( try to grate as fine as possible)
Milk, thick , 4 cups ( I took 3 cups of regular milk + 1 cup evaporated milk)
Condensed milk ( Half tin)
Sugar to taste
Mawa/ khoya 1/4 th cup ( I made the mawa with powder milk , will discuss at the notes)
3 cardamom pods , 1 small stick of cinnamon
Ghee 2 tbl spoon
Chopped nuts and raisins
Rose water


1. Steam the grated bottle gourd for couple of minutes . Don’t ever boil . Now squeeze out the extra water as water will release after steaming .

2. Heat 2 tbl spoon ghee in a pan and fry the bottle gourd for a while . Don’t use too much ghee or don’t over fry . It’s just because to get rid of the raw smell of the bottle gourd .

3. Boil the milk with cardamom, cinnamon in a large heavy bottomed pan . Reduce it until little thick . Add the condensed milk and sugar . Stir continuously .

4. Add the bottle gourd .Don’t stop stirring or else the bottom may get burnt . When the milk consistency get thicker add the mawa . Cook another few minutes until creamy . You may add the chopped nuts and raisins at this point .

5. Sprinkle some rose water . Serve in a beautiful bowl . Garnish it with chopped nuts and dried fruits . Doodh kodu tastes better chilled .


1. Those who doesn’t have evaporated milk , then thicken the milk with powder milk or you can take more milk and reduce it to thicker milk .

2. I made mawa with powder milk . Just put 1 teaspoon of ghee in 1/4th cup of powder milk and mix . It will look like breadcrumbs.

Zafrani Kheer Patishapta !!!!

Zafrani Kheer Patishapta !!!!

Zafrani Kheer Patishapta !!!!

Patishapta is a thin Swedish pancake or crepe type pitha , very special and adored by the Bengalis!! No special occasion is complete without it … there can be many variation , sometimes prepared coconut with molasses is used for the stuffing , and sometimes the kheer or the kheersha is used . There is savory version of patishapta too . Vegetables, meat or even cooked noodles is used as the stuffing .
My version , is my special, it is saffron flavored kheer with generous amount of dry nuts and raisins . My friend and family love it so much , hope , you will love it too InshaAllah!!!!!

Ingredients :

For the batter:

All purpose flour / maida 1/2 cup ( Half cup)
Rice flour 1/4 th cup ( one-fourth cup)
Semolina/sooji 2 tbl spoon
Liquid milk ( little warm or room temperature) 1 cup + 2 tbl spoon ( 1 cup= 250 ml) or water
Liquid Molasses/ date palm jaggery/ jhola khejur gur 1/4 th cup

For the Stuffing:

Very thick milk 2 cup ( I took 1 and half cup of evaporated milk and half cup of regular liquid milk)
Rice flour 2 level tbl spoon
Sooji 1 tbl spoon
2 cardamoms , 1 small stick of cinnamon
Saffron, soaked in milk
Sugar to taste
Coarsely chopped dried nuts , pista, almond , walnut and raisins


1. Make a thin batter with the ingredients mentioned for batter . The batter should not be too runny or too thick . A little thinner than the medium thickness . The batter should be free-flowing . Cover and keep it aside for at least 1 and half hours . The longer you put the batter to rest , the more perforated pitha or pancake it will be .. 🙂

2. Make the stuffing . Take some of the milk and mix rice flour with it .Boil the rest of the milk with cardamom, cinnamon and sooji . Soak saffron in another small bowl in milk and add it to the milk . I used few drops of food colors too . Add the sugar and the milk mixed with rice flour . Keep stirring , or else the bottom would be burnt . Soon the milk will thicken . Make a hard kheer of it . Cool down and mix the chopped nuts and raisins with it . Don’t chop the nuts finely . Better if you can keep some of them whole so that you can enjoy in every bite .You may sprinkle rose water in the kheer before turning off the stove .

3. Now heat the non stick pan on medium low flame and rub with little oil with a cloth . Take a small ladle and put some batter on the pan . Swirl the pan to cover or coat most of it . Cover the pan . It will take not more than 45 seconds to set.

4. Now put some stuffing or filling lengthwise nearer to the edge , not in the center and keep folding .

Ready !!!!!!!


1. Don’t forget to rub the pan with oil , every time you put the batter to make pitha.

2. I don’t want my batter to be too sweet , as the stuffing will be sweet too . Those who like sweetness more may add little sugar to the batter too.

3. You can make the stuffing by cooking evaporated and condensed milk together . Make a thick creamy kheer by doing this and use as your stuffing.

6. Please chop the nuts for stuffing coarsely . Don’t chop the nuts finely . Better if you can keep some of them whole so that you can enjoy in every bite

Khejur Kheer ( Dates Kheer)

Khejur Kheer ( Dates Kheer)

Khejur Kheer ( Dates Kheer)<

Ingredients :

Dates 8/10
Half n Half + regular milk 2 cups ( or you can use only regular milk too)
Raisins(chopped ) less than half tbl spoon
Keora or rose water


1. Take out the seeds from the dates and cut them in lengthwise.

2. Bring milk to boil and allow to simmer .

3. Add the dates and raisins . Cook until the milk thickened . Add the nuts of your choice . Sprinkle rose or keora water .

4. Serve chilled !!!


Dates and raisins add their own sweetness to the kheer so I didn't add any extra sugar . Depending on how sweet your dates are , you may add a little sugar at the end , if needed . But I believe you won't need any extra sugar to be added ..