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Kheer-Kadam, an exotic Bengali sweet

Kheer-Kadam, an exotic Bengali sweet

Kheer-kadam, an exotic Bengali sweet

What an exotic sweet Kheer-kadam , otherwise known as Raskadam, is enclosing another one!!!!!! It’s a kind of sweet , where a sweet is covered by a layer , turning it completely into a new kind!!!!! When I cut the sweet , my 7 year old daughter was so amazed !!!! She was like , her mom surely be a great magician !!!! She kept asking me ” How did you put another sweet into this sweet ball???” I pretty much saw myself, the little Khadiza, in her innocent query!!!! I used to wonder too , every time I had those cute, “full of surprise” delights !!!!!!

The making process of Kheer-kadam is pretty simple . Usually Roshgolla is used to be covered by the outer layer . But being a bit adventurous , used laalmohon/ gulabjamun . Moreover the outer layer is often prepared by the khoya or mawa . I made khoya with instant full cream milk powder.

For the Laalmohon or gulabjamun recipe , plz click the link below


Now Let’s move on to make those pretty Kheer-kadams.

For 4 Kheer kadams:


4 medium sized gulabjamun ( take a size smaller than the usual one)

For the outer Layer:

Full cream milk powder,2/3 rd cup
Condensed milk a little less than 1/4 th cup
Evaporated milk/ Whipping cream 1/4 th cup ( if u don’t have anything, regualar full cream liquid milk will do too )
Ghee 1 and half tbl spoon
Powdered cardamom,few pinches
yellow food color , a drop (optional)


1. Make the gulabjamun and after taking out from syrap , keep them in the refrigerator . It will make them firm and the layer can be made easily . 🙂

2. Mix all the ingredients for the outer layer in a bowl . Mix well , so that no lump is there . Now Heat a pan and put the mixture into the pan . Stir continuously until forms a dough . Transfer it to a plate and let it cool .
I often do it in microwave too . But you have to be careful , so that it must not get burnt.

3. Now when it cools down , put it in the fridge too for 5/ 10 minutes . It will help to shape properly .

4. Take out the gulabjamuns and khoya from the refrigerator . Now cover the gulabjamuns with the khoya .

5. Dust the balls with powdered khoya . For powdered khoya , mix milk powder and ghee in a proportion to make a breadcrumb like texture . Strain them . Your powdered khoya is ready !!!!!!!!



1. Don’t forget to keep the gulabjamuns in the fridge . Because if you take too soft jamuns , you will never be able to make the perfect shape .When you keep it in the refrigerator, the jamuns get little firm as the syrup dries out , making it perfectly suitable for kheer-kadam.

2. If you find difficulties in shaping kheer kadam , in case the khoya is soft enough to shape evenly . Don’t worry . Shape as nice as you can . Put it back in the fridge . After 5/ 10 minutes , take them out from the fridge . You will see the outer layer is firmer now .Try to correct the shape with your hand . 🙂