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Nargisi kofta / kabab

Nargisi kofta / kabab

Nargisi kofta / kabab

Kofta has it’s origin in Central Asia and with the conquest of muslim emperors , it’s being introduced in the Sub-continent . Among the many variations , the most elegant one is undoubtedly Nargisi kofta , where a hard boil egg is stuffed in a layer of ground meat . The British Scotch egg is considered to be inspired by this amazing Mughal delicacy during the reign of British in the Sub-continent .

There are several versions of Nargisi kofta . Sometimes raw grounded keema/ mince is used . Sometimes the keema is boiled with split pea or chick pea and then grounded again to use the kofta . Sometimes the kofta is cooked in gravy , while sometimes it is served dry , without gravy .

Among these various versions , I would love to share the raw mince version and withhout gravy . 🙂


2 lb beef mince
4 or 5 hard boiled eggs
1/2 cup fried onion or bereshta
1 tea spoon ginger-garlic paste
1/4 th cup chopped mint or pudina
1/2 tea spoon red chili powder
1 tea spoon finely chopped green chili
1/2 tea spoon cinnamon powder
1/4 th tea spoon nutmeg powder
1/4 th tea spoon mace/ javetri powder
1/2 tea spoon cumin powder
3/4th tea spoon Garam masala or kabab masala
2 or 3 beaten eggs
1 slice of bread , soaked in milk
salt to taste

Other ingredients :

Beaten egg white for frying .

Procedure :

1. Squeeze the milk from the bread so that there is no single drop of milk . Now mix the mince with bereshta , ginger-garlic paste, pudina , green chili , chili powder , cinnamon powder , nutmeg-mace powder , garam masala powder , cumin powder , salt , bread slice and beaten eggs . Keep it in the fridger for 1 hour .

2. Prick the eggs with the sharp edge of knife or toothpick from one side to other , keeping the egg in tact . It will help the eggs not to burst after adding them in the oil . Now take each egg and cover with good amount of keema/ mince . Coat in beaten egg white and deep fry on medium- low flame until done .
Cut in halves lengthwise before you serve . Cut after the kofta cooled down . 🙂


1. Don’t wash the keema/ mince for any kabab or kofta . Ask the butcher to wash the meat first then make a keema of it . If the keema is washed , the kabab will fall apart after putting them in oil to fry . Washing of mince also degrades the texture and flavor of kababs . It is a very important note to remember .
If the keema is washed , you will need more binding agent so that it does not fall apart after adding them in the oil . But the more binding agent like bread , flour , besan , cornflour you use , the more it gets tough .

2. To avoid the bursting of eggs in the oil , as I said earlier , always prick the eggs with a knife or toothpick from one side to another before you enclose the egg in the mince patty . And also try to cover the eggs with good amount of mince because after adding the kofta to the oil , the meat tends to shrink down , so if there is not enough mince around the eggs , the mince will fall apart . 🙂

3. Don’t use egg yolks to coat them before frying . Using of egg whites only will help the oil to be clean other wise the oil you are using will get dark .

4. It is always preferred to keep the koftas in the fridger for at least 1 -2 hour before frying them in oil .

My special egg kofta in coconut milk , mustard gravy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My special egg kofta in coconut milk , mustard gravy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My special egg kofta in coconut milk , mustard gravy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I already posted Egg kofta recipe in my previous two posts . Please clik the link below to find out the basic recipe of egg kofta ;

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Now the gravy is bit different from other two posts. You just have to follow the basic egg kofta recipe. Cut it into pieces and now it’s time to cook it in coconut milk , mustard gravy; 😀

Ingredients for the gravy:

1/3 rd cup onion paste
Half a teaspoon ginger paste
Half a tea spoon garlic paste
Half a teaspoon Turmeric powder
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 bayleaf
1 tbl spoon of yellow mustard paste
Half a cup of thick coconut milk
Salt to taste
Green Chilies


1. Heat oil and then add the bayleaf. Add the onion paste , ginger paste, garlic paste . Add little water , now add the chili, turmeric powder , salt. Cook well adding water little by little .

2. Mix the mustard paste into coconut milk. Add into the spices. Add another cup of water . Now add the sliced kofta pieces. Cook in the medium low flame . The gravy needs to get into the kofta .

3. When The gravy is reduced, add the whole green chilies . Cook for another few minutes. When it comes to the desired consistency , turn off the heat and keep it on the stove with lid on .

Serve with hot plain rice or khichuri or even with polau/pilaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!