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Bhorta/Vorta ..

Bhorta/Vorta ..

Broccoli stem bhorta with dried ( shutki) fish ( Broccoli Data shutki diye bhorta), Cilantro bhorta/Chutney ( Dhone pata bhorta), Skin of pumpkin bhorta with shrimp ( mishti kumrar chola, chingri diye bhorta) ,Mashed potato ( Alu bhorta), Egg/dim bhorta and mustard ( shorisha bhorta ) in the middle (clockwise)

Broccolir Data Shutki diye bhorta/ Broccoli stem bhorta with dried fish:

We often throw away the stems of broccoli taking only the florets.But the stems are not only flavorful but also a great source of vitamins and minerals too.So next time don’t throw it away.:D

Wash the Dried fish well with hot water. Then Cut them into pieces and dry roast in a pan along with dried red chili. Cut the stems of the broccoli , you may add few florets too. Fry them in a pan with little oil, add onion , cloves of garlic, green chilies. Now blend them all together and mix with salt and mustard oil ( shorishar tel).

(shutki mach gorom paani te bhalo kore dhuye khola taowa/pan e tel chara tele nite hobe..shukna morich o tele nite hobe..( tel chara)..broccolir data kuchi kore kete, shathe 1/2 ta ful o nea jete paare olpo tel e bheje nite hobe..norom hoye gele piyaz er koya, roshun koya r kachamorich o ekshathe ei datar shathe tele nite hobe..ekhon shob ekshathe blend korte hobe..blend korar por lobon r shorishar tel diye makhalei ready..)

Cilantro Chutney/ Bhorta ( Dhone pata chutney/bhorta):

Fry Chopped cilantro with green chilies, onion, garlic together in little amount of oil . Blend them together and mix with mustard oil and salt.

(Dhone pata, kacha morich, roshun, piyaz ekshathe olpo tel e tele niye blend kore lobon r shorishar tel makhalei ready..)

Mishti kumrar Chola , chingri diye bhorta ( skin of pumpkin bhorta with shrimp):

Cut the skin of the pumpkin into small pieces. Fry them in oil until gets little soft. Add dry chili, green chili,garlic cloves, onion and srimp at this point. Fry for a while. Blend them all together and mix with salt and mustard oil ( Shorishar tel).

(Kumrar chola chingri diye bhorta: kumrar chola choto tukro kore olpo tel e norom na hoya porjono bheje niye or shathe shukna morich, chingri mach , kacha morich, roshuner koya( roshun eta te beshi dea jaabe na),piyazer koya ekshathe tele niye blend kore shorishar tel, lobon makhalei ready..)

Alu Bhorta (mashed potato in Beglai style):

Alu bhorta is the most popular bhorta among the Bengali, being it the “comfort food” for them!!!!!! It can be done in so many ways. Here I made it the most common way.

Boil the potato until tender. Peel the skin and mash it smooth . Squeeze the chopped onion, roasted dry chilis, green chilies, chopped cilantro with mustard oil and salt. Add them with the mashed potato and incorporate throughout potato mixture. Serve with steamed rice.

Egg/dim bhorta:

Hard boil eggs. Peel and mash them. Mix with chopped onion, green chili, chopped cilantro, salt and mustard oil/shorishar tel. Ready!!!!!!!!!!!

Shorisha bhorta ( Mustard bhorta):

Mustard cannot be blended with water. Since now a dayz we don’t use the traditinal “Pata-Puta”/ “Shilnora”, blender is our only hope!!!!!!!!!! So in that case I just grind them into a powder first then blend it with garlic clove, onion, dry roasted dry chili, green chili. Mix it with salt and mustard oil.

(shorisha ta pani diye blend kora jai na…tai ami aage shorisha ta powder kore niye tar shate roshuner koya, kacha morich, shukna tala shukna morich, piyaz ekshathe blend kore lobon r shorishar tel makhiyesi..)