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Warqi Paratha

Warqi Paratha

Warqi Paratha

Warqi paratha is one of my favorite parathas . Soft inside but crisp outside . Though involves a bit hard work making it but trust me , it’s so worth making those melt in mouth parathas .


For Dough:

2 cups all purpose flour/ maida
2 tbl spoon of semolina ( sooji)
2 tbl spoon of milk powder
2 tbl spoon of ghee
2 tea spoon of sugar
Salt to taste
Liquid milk 1/3 rd cup ( room temperature)
Little more water ( around 2 tbl spoon , you may need more)

Ghee mixture for the layering:

4 tbl spoon of ghee / vegetable shortening / butteroil
4 tbl spoon of cornstarch/ rice flour / maida

I make warqi paratha in 3 different ways . The first method being the best and most authentic though involves little hard work and it will take little time too.

Procedure # 1:

1. Make a medium soft dough with the ingredients mentioned above . Cover it with a wet cloth and let the dough rest for 30 minutes .

2. Make balls from the dough and roll the balls into small rotis or disks . Rub each rotis with the ghee-flour mixture.

3. Stack the rotis together . The last roti should be put inward way , so that the ghee covered part is on inside . Join them together . Roll them into a big roti.

4. Now apply the ghee-flour mixture on the roti . Roll it like a swiss roll . Cut the roll into 3″ pieces . Flatten the pieces by pressing them upright . Now stack three or four of these flatten pieces together . Roll out the paratha .

Here’s the step by step Pic :

5. Fry the parathas without ghee/oil first . Then heat some ghee ( you will need more than the quantity usually needed for frying parathas) and fry the parathas on medium low heat . Please be careful frying these , since they are kind of melt in mouth type , if not carefully handled , you may break the parathas .

Procedure # 2:

1. Make the balls from the dough and roll them out into small rotis . Apply ghee-flour mixtue over each roti and stack them together .

2. Roll out a paratha . 🙂

Here’s the step by step pic of this procedure:

3. Fry without ghee/oil first, then in good amount of ghee or oil .

Procedure # 3:

Enjoy Warqi paratha with korma , bhuna gosht and halwa !!!





My mom is an amazing cook. She had so many recipes of her own but to us never appeared to be “special” as we grew up eating those and thus making them very ordinary ; well,until I started taking interest in cooking . My mom used to make a paratha , which is deep fried and goes so well with kababs and curry, which after a long time , I came to know to be “poori-paratha” . My mom never used this term , but after I had this in a Pakistani restaurant , named as Poori-paratha, I realized , what a great cook my mom is !!!!!!!!!!!

Poori-Paratha is a paratha , deep fried like pooris. They are much thicker than luchi or even poori . My version is quite a bit different as I made them layered . so now, let’s move on to our recipe .


Maida/ all purpose flour 1 cup
Oil 2 tbl spoon
Water/ Milk,enough to make a dough
Baking powder , half a teaspoon
Semolina 1 teaspoon
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste

Other ingredients:
ghee 2 tbl spoon
Flour 2 tbl spoon
Oil to deep fry


1. Combine all the ingredients and make a medium soft dough . Knead very well . The more you knead , the better your poori paratha is . Rub the dough with oil and cover it with a wet cheese cloth for at least half n hour .

2. After half n hour , the dough would be very strachy . Now take 3 balls from the dough .

3. Roll each dough with oil . Don’t take any extra dry flour to roll them out . Roll them with oil as thin as possible .

4. Make a paste using 2 tblspoon ghee and 2 tbl spoon flour . Rub the paste over the roti .

5. Fold them lengthwise and then again rub the ghee-flour paste .

6. Now fold from other two ends and shape it as a square .

7. Roll them with oil into a square paratha . It sould not be too thick nor thin like luchi or poori . A little thicker than usual poori .Don’t use any flour rolling them out . They should be rolled on oil only .

8. Deep fry and serve with kabab, curry or enjoy them even as it is . 🙂

Keema Paratha, a deep fried version

Keema Paratha, a deep fried version

Keema Paratha, a deep fried version

This version of keema paratha is almost very similar to Muglai paratha, the only difference being it without egg and unlike muglai , it can be frozen as well ( before frying) , 🙂 . So you can entertain yourself , your family or even the guests anytime with this lovely , very crispy and “yummy in my tummy” parathas . 🙂


Shredded Chicken or prepared beef keema
Filling Recipe:

Shredded chicken
Chopped Onion
Chopped green chilies
Chopped cilantro and mint
Chopped capsicum ( you can add more veggies like carrot , green peas , sweet corn etc)
Cottage cheese ( Optional)

Heat oil and add chicken pieces or prepared keema and veggies . Fry for a while,add the chopped onion, green chilies and chopped mint and cilantro . Add the cheese . Turn off the stove . The onion will be half done with the heat the chicken already got . The half done onion will give an extremely nice flavor .. 🙂

For shredded chicken , just boil chicken breast pieces with little minced ginger, salt, few whole black pepper and very little minced garlic . When it’s done , you can easily tear off the chicken pieces .
For prepared beef keema , boil the keema with ginger, garlic paste and soy sauce till it’s completely dried out .
Now make your filling with above mentioned recipe . 🙂 You can use your left over chicken or beef to make this filling . 🙂

For the Paratha dough :

This quantity is for two parathas:


All purpose flour 1 cup ( in a 250 ml cup)
Oil 2 tblspoon
Semolina or sooji 1 tbl spoon
Salt to taste
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Baking powder half teaspoon
Water , just enough to make a medium hard dough ( it must not be too soft or too tight)

Other ingredients:

Ghee (to rub over paratha and fry)
Cream cheese ( to rub over the paratha, this is optional)


1. For the dough , mix maida, baking powder, salt, sugar and oil . That’s what we call “moyan” . Now add enough room temperature water to make a medium hard dough . Just enough to make the dough come out from the bowl. Knead well .Cover it with a warm cheese cloth and keep aside for atleast 30 minutes . The dough will be softer and stretchy.You can make two round ball from it .

2. Take one ball and roll out as thin as possible . But don’t use any flour , while rolling it out . Rub some oil over the rolling pin and the rolling board and roll out the ball into a thin roti . Now apply some ghee or cream cheese over the roti and put some filling over it .

3.Fold the porota half lengthwise from both sides..

3. Deep fry the paratha on medium low heat .



Coin Paratha/ Kerala Paratha/Malabar Paratha/ Jelebi Paratha


Coin Paratha or Kerala or Malabar or Jalebi paratha origined in Kerala, is very similar to North Inidian Lachcha paratha. The only difference being it to be more layered , flaky and crisp .


For the dough:

All purpose flour 1 cup
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Ghee 1tbl spoon
Milk or water ( room temperature)

For layering :



1. Make a medium soft dough by flour, salt , sugar and milk or water . Knead very well . The more you knead, the better is the out come . Now add 1 tbl spoon of ghee into the dough and knead again very well . After a good kneading , rub the dough with oil or ghee and cover it with a warm cheesecloth for half n hour . The dough should be very smooth and glossy.

2. After half n hour , the dough will be softer and very stretchy. Now make small balls from the dough and knead the balls . Working with one ball at a time , roll the ball into a thin roti or disk . Rub some ghee and dry out the ghee applying flour. keep aside.



3. Make at least five roti like this and on each roti rub ghee and dry out the ghee with dry flour .


4. Stack the roti together . The last roti should be put inward way , so that the ghee covered part is on inside . Join them together . Roll them into a big thin roti.


5. Cut the roti in strips.


6. Fold the strip and roll , then put this roll on another strip ; take at least 3 strips to make one paratha . If you want to make bigger size or more layered , you may take more strips for one paratha.



7. Rub some ghee on your rolling pin and also on the rolling board . Press them a little and roll them into paratha .



8. Heat the pan and fry the parathas first without any oil . After frying all of them without oil , fry them with oil or ghee on medium low heat until golden and crispy.