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Fuchka shell


Fuchka shell is quite similar to North Indian golgappa or panipuri shell. In Bangladesh a special ingredient "taalmakhna" is used in the dough to make the shell puffed up and crispy . But in USA , since it's hard to find that special ingredient , I always made fuchka shell without it and alhamdulillah always came out great . So those who think , fuchka shell cannot be made without it , just get prepared to make some fuchkas without it !!

Before I give you the recipe , let me share some tips for the puffed up fuchka shell ;

1. The oil needs to be hot but not smokey hot . If the oil is not enough hot , it won't puff up .

2. After rolling out the dough ball, cut into small disks with small round shaped object to give the shape of fuchka . And fry immediately . Don't let it rest . Just cut one and put it immediately in the oil . If it is left open in the air before frying , it will not puff up .
If for any reason you cannot fry immediately just cover them with a damp cloth .

3. Don't fry too many at a time . If they don't get enough space in the oil to puff up , they will remain flat . So fry few at a time .

4. Don't use any baking powder or baking soda . You can make better , puffed up fuchka without them .


1/2 cup fine semolina or sooji
1/4 th cup maida ( all purpose flour)
Water , room temperature ( around 3 tbl spoon – 1/4 th cup)
Pinch of salt
Oil for frying


1. Make a stiff dough with semolina , maida , salt and water . Cover it with damp cloth for at least 30 minutes . After 30 minutes the dough would seem very tight and stiff . This is the way the dough should be . Make 2 equal sized balls with the dough .

2. Heat oil at medium low flame . Start heating oil long before you start rolling the dough as you need to fry the shells immediately after rolled out . By the time your shell is ready to fry , the oil need to be hot but not smokey hot .

3. Now working with one ball at a time , roll it on a flour dusted surface . Make sure you covered the other ball with damp cloth . While rolling , you need to apply little pressure as the dough is very tight . Roll it to a large disk . It shoudn't be thick or too thin . If it's too thin , it won't puff up and if it is too thick , it won't be crispy inside .

4. Cut the disk into small fuchka shells with something round shaped object . Cut one and immediately put it in the oil . Cut another put in oil . So finish all of them this way . Splash some oil with the slotted spoon over fuchkas to puff up .

5. Don't fry too many one at a time , as they need space to puff up . Fry few at a time and fry at medium -low flame for a longer time for crisper inside out version . If the oil is too hot or you fry them at high heat , the shell will have color from outside , but would remain soft inside .

6.When done place them on a kitchen towel to remove any extra oil . It would help to store them for a longer time without any smell and without being soggy .

Store them when cooled down , in an air tight container.