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Restaurant style paratha

Restaurant style paratha

Restaurant style paratha

In Bangladesh , a special type of paratha is being served in the roadside local restaurants – known as “hotel” , soft , less oil , doesn’t get soggy , long after it is fried . Most of the time , this paratha is termed as “sheka/ cheka paratha” . These parathas are crumpled or clapped by the hands immediately they are being fried to release the layers . This clapping of parathas is not an easy task for many of us , as it is considered to be an art !!! Here you go with a little secret , crumple the parathas without burning your hands !! Just put one one hot paratha ( just after frying) into a closed box and shake , shake , shake !!! Shake vigorously for few a times and you get that crumpled parathas !!! Same effect as you get by clapping them by your hands . 🙂


For the dough:

2 cups of flour ( I took 1 cup white atta flour + 1 cup all purpose flour)
2 tea spoon of oil
2 tea spoon of baking powder
2 tea spoon of sugar
Salt to taste
1/2 cup of luke warm milk or water

Other ingredient:

Enough vegetable shortening / dalda or ghee


1. Make a medium soft dough with the ingredients mentioned above . You may need little more water or milk to get that soft dough . Knead for 1 or two minutes . Don’t knead too much . Cover the dough with a damp cheese cloth and place it on a slightly greased box . Close the box and let the dough rest for minimum 1 hour .

2. After 1 hour , you will find the dough to be very stretchy . That’s the dough we want . 🙂 Now dust your hand with flour and make small balls . You will get 5 or 6 parathas from this recipe .

3. Roll each ball on a slightly flour dusted surface . Don’t put too much flour to knead them . Roll the ball into a large roti. Apply shortening / dalda/ ghee generously all over it . Now make a cut in the middle and try to roll them like a cone like the pic .

Now press the cone and roll the paratha out .

4. Heat the pan or skillet. Add the paratha and fry both side lightly until the color changes to white . Now apply 1 tea spoon of oil over paratha . Rub them all over . Don’t put any oil in the pan , just over the paratha . Turn over and apply the same to the other side of paratha .

5. Crumple the parathas by your hand immediately you remove them from the pan . As I said earlier , the clapping of parathas is bit difficult for many of us . So take a box, put the hot paratha into the box close it and shake vigorously for few times .



Coin Paratha/ Kerala Paratha/Malabar Paratha/ Jelebi Paratha


Coin Paratha or Kerala or Malabar or Jalebi paratha origined in Kerala, is very similar to North Inidian Lachcha paratha. The only difference being it to be more layered , flaky and crisp .


For the dough:

All purpose flour 1 cup
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Ghee 1tbl spoon
Milk or water ( room temperature)

For layering :



1. Make a medium soft dough by flour, salt , sugar and milk or water . Knead very well . The more you knead, the better is the out come . Now add 1 tbl spoon of ghee into the dough and knead again very well . After a good kneading , rub the dough with oil or ghee and cover it with a warm cheesecloth for half n hour . The dough should be very smooth and glossy.

2. After half n hour , the dough will be softer and very stretchy. Now make small balls from the dough and knead the balls . Working with one ball at a time , roll the ball into a thin roti or disk . Rub some ghee and dry out the ghee applying flour. keep aside.



3. Make at least five roti like this and on each roti rub ghee and dry out the ghee with dry flour .


4. Stack the roti together . The last roti should be put inward way , so that the ghee covered part is on inside . Join them together . Roll them into a big thin roti.


5. Cut the roti in strips.


6. Fold the strip and roll , then put this roll on another strip ; take at least 3 strips to make one paratha . If you want to make bigger size or more layered , you may take more strips for one paratha.



7. Rub some ghee on your rolling pin and also on the rolling board . Press them a little and roll them into paratha .



8. Heat the pan and fry the parathas first without any oil . After frying all of them without oil , fry them with oil or ghee on medium low heat until golden and crispy.