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Shrimp Mushroom, Oriental style

Shrimp Mushroom, Oriental style

Shrimp Mushroom, Oriental style


10-12 Shrimp
1 egg white
Salt to taste

For Gravy:

Garlic paste 1 and half teaspoon
Soy sauce 2 tbl spoon
Oyster sauce 2 tea spoon
Fish sauce , few drops
Tasing salt/ ajinimoto half teaspoon
Sugar a pinch
Ginger juice from ginger paste 1 and half tea spoon
Cubed Onion
Split green chilis
Shitakee Mushroom / or any other mushroom
Bell pepper
Sesame or any other vegetable oil
Cornstarch mixed in water


1. Coat the shrimps with egg white, salt and enough cornstarch . Deep fry them on high heat . It is tasty this way too . Can be a great snack or appetizer .

2. Heat oil and add the garlic paste . After frying a while add the soy sauce , oyster sauce , few drops of fish sauce . Don’t add any salt , as the sauces contain enough salt .Add the mushroom and bell peppers .add the shrimp and little water . Add cornstarch , cubed onion and green chilis. Add tasting salt and sugar .

3. Just before turning off the stove add the ginger juice . Ready !!!!!!


1 If you are using dry Shitakee mushroom , soak them in hot water for 10 minutes, before u use .

Chingri dopeyaza

Chingri dopeyaza

Chingri Dopeyaza

This is a very easy-peasy , super quick , few ingredients yummy shrimp preparation …I love them with plain rice or even with pulao..


Shrimp/ prawn half lb
Chopped Onion 1 cup
Turmeric powder half teaspoon
Chili powder half teaspoon
Green chilies , split 4 or 5
Salt to taste
Chopped cilantro
A little extra turmeric- chili powder to rub the shrimps


1. Rub the shrimps with little turmeric, chili powder and little salt.

2. Heat oil and fry the shrimps a minute or so. Don’t over fry them . The flesh of the shrimp will get harder if overcooked .

3. In another bowl take chopped onion, Mix them well with turmeric powder, chili powder and salt . Make the onions little soft by help of your hand.

4. Now add the onion into the pan and mix well with the shrimps . Cook the shrimp on medium low heat . Stir occasionally so that the onion should not get burnt. Don’t add any water. For this recipe u need to use enough oil since no water will be used .

5. Within few minutes the onion will get softer. Add green chilies then . Keep cooking them. When it’s done add some chopped cilantro .

Ready ……