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Malaichop/ Roshmalai using milk powder!!!!!!!

Malaichop/ Roshmalai using milk powder!!!!!!!

Malaichop/ Roshmalai using milk powder!!!!!!! So soft and yummy!!!!!!

Malaichop is a very famous sweet dish of Bangladesh . Unlike Rasmalai , malaichops r flatter and bigger in size . But the basic recipes I found always alike . This one is made from milk powder . Less time , less work and fail proof of course !!!!!


For Rabri/Milk gravy

1 liter Whole milk
2 tbl spoon of powder milk
Sugar to taste
Cardamom and cinnamon

For Malaichop/ rasmalai:

A little more than 1/2 cup (half cup) of full cream powder milk ( like half cup + 2 tbl spoon)
1 beaten egg ( medium)
Less than 1 teaspoon ghee ( level)
1 teaspoon sugar
a little more than 1/4th teaspoon baking powder


1. Boil the milk with cardamom and cinnamon and reduce a bit . Add Sugar and powder milk . Stir continuously or else it may get burnt at the bottom.

2. In the mean time prepare the dough. Combine egg, ghee and sugar together . In another bowl combine powder milk and baking powder . Mix the egg mixture with it. It will form a very sticky dough. Keep it in the refrigerator for 5 minutes .

3. You may find difficulties shaping the milk balls from that sticky dough .Grease your hand with ghee and make balls from the dough . Add the balls into the milk when it is in the boiling point . Just because the dough was sticky , you may not make fully round shape. Don’t worry . It will fall flat into the milk and will give the shape of malaichop . Cook at medium flame until doubles up . Flip over the sweet balls carefully ..Don’t cover with lid.

4. After doubling up reduce the heat a little more and cook uncovered at medium low flame for at least 10/15 minutes . It will get bigger in size . Mine one is three times as big as the ball I made !!!!! :)Take out the cinnamon ,cardamom from the milk.

Your malai chop is ready!!!!!!!!!!


1. The recipe I used before, I used to take 1 cup of milk and that was quite a tight dough . And sometimes the center used to remain bit hard , specially after keeping it in the refrigerator!!!!! After having so much successful “mishti making session” , I came up with the idea that sticky doughs make softer sweets!!!
So reduced the amount of milk powder to half!!!!!!! 😀

2.Don’t use too much baking powder , you may end up with broken rasmalais/ malaichops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Don’t Put the balls in too thick milk , that would prevent the malaichops to be soft .. Let the milk thicken whith the cooking of milk balls .

4. Don’t thicken the milk too much . Because after cooling down , the milk will thicken more . 🙂