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Tapioca Pudding / Saabudaana Kheer /Saagu’r payesh , an easy-peasy , yummy dessert

Tapioca Pudding / Saabudaana Kheer /Saagu'r payesh

Tapioca Pudding / Saabudaana Kheer /Saagu’r payesh , an easy-peasy , yummy dessert..


1. Tapioca/saagu/ Saabudaana 100 gram

2. Evaporated Milk 1 can

3. Regular milk 1 cup

4. Condensed Milk 1 can

5. Cardamom, Cinnamon, Bay leaf

For the colored toppings:

1. Tapioca 50 gram

2. Sugar to taste

3. Ruh Afza or any colorful syrap.

4. Cherries

5. Cream

Cooking method:

1.Wash and soak the tapioca in water until becomes a little plump and fluffy. It may take 30-45 minutes. But careful , it must not get sticky.

2. Take 100 gram of tapioca from the water and cook it on medium flame in 1 can evaporated milk and 1 cup regular milk until gets translucent . Add the cardamom, cinnamon while cooking the tapioca. Stir Occasionally .Tapioca gets thicker after it cools down,so if you see the consistency a bit thick adjust it adding little milk . Add the condensed milk , stirring continuously now. as I said Tapioca gets thicker after cooling down so don’t make it too thick. You may add sugar, if needed.

3.Pour the pudding into individual ramekins leaving a little space for the topping. Let it cool .

4. In another pot boil the remaining 50 gram tapioca in water until translucent .Add the sugar and finally add any syrap or Ruh afza.

5. Let it cool and then pour over the pudding and garnish it with cherries,any other fruits, cream or ice cream.

6. Serve chilled.