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Samosa , made with boiled rice flour dough , a very crispy version

Samosa , made with boiled rice flour dough , a very crispy version

Samosa , made with boiled rice flour dough , a very crispy version

This special type of Samosa is a savory version of pithas , made with boiled rice flour dough . It’s a very popular regional speciality in Jamalpur and greater Dhaka division . In Manikgonj , this samosa is called “morog-shongshar” !!!! Believe me this samosa is so crispy and tasty , once you have them hot , you will always want to make samosa with this special dough . And they are pretty easier to make than the traditional samosa , as no special folding is needed . Just make a round small roti . Cut into halves and make a cone with each half-circle , put the filling , seal the edges with your finger tip and deep fry .


For the dough:

Rice flour 1 cup
Water 3/4th cup
Salt to taste , around half tea spoon

For the filling :

You can use any filling of your choice , but traditionally cooked chicken in cut in small pieces is used .


1. Boil 3/4th cup of water with salt . When it’s on the boiling point, add the rice flour . Mix well . Let it cool .

2. Wet your hand and knead the dough for a minute or so . Make small balls brom the dough . Roll out the balls into small medium thick roti . Cut each roti in halves . Take each half-circle and make a cone . Press well the line of the cone , so that it must not comes off while frying. Now put filling inside the cone and seal the edges very well with your finger-tip .

3. Deep fry on medium low heat until light golden . Take your time and fry well .Should be served warm . If you have some leftover , fry them again before you eat them .