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Keema Paratha, a deep fried version

Keema Paratha, a deep fried version

Keema Paratha, a deep fried version

This version of keema paratha is almost very similar to Muglai paratha, the only difference being it without egg and unlike muglai , it can be frozen as well ( before frying) , 🙂 . So you can entertain yourself , your family or even the guests anytime with this lovely , very crispy and “yummy in my tummy” parathas . 🙂


Shredded Chicken or prepared beef keema
Filling Recipe:

Shredded chicken
Chopped Onion
Chopped green chilies
Chopped cilantro and mint
Chopped capsicum ( you can add more veggies like carrot , green peas , sweet corn etc)
Cottage cheese ( Optional)

Heat oil and add chicken pieces or prepared keema and veggies . Fry for a while,add the chopped onion, green chilies and chopped mint and cilantro . Add the cheese . Turn off the stove . The onion will be half done with the heat the chicken already got . The half done onion will give an extremely nice flavor .. 🙂

For shredded chicken , just boil chicken breast pieces with little minced ginger, salt, few whole black pepper and very little minced garlic . When it’s done , you can easily tear off the chicken pieces .
For prepared beef keema , boil the keema with ginger, garlic paste and soy sauce till it’s completely dried out .
Now make your filling with above mentioned recipe . 🙂 You can use your left over chicken or beef to make this filling . 🙂

For the Paratha dough :

This quantity is for two parathas:


All purpose flour 1 cup ( in a 250 ml cup)
Oil 2 tblspoon
Semolina or sooji 1 tbl spoon
Salt to taste
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Baking powder half teaspoon
Water , just enough to make a medium hard dough ( it must not be too soft or too tight)

Other ingredients:

Ghee (to rub over paratha and fry)
Cream cheese ( to rub over the paratha, this is optional)


1. For the dough , mix maida, baking powder, salt, sugar and oil . That’s what we call “moyan” . Now add enough room temperature water to make a medium hard dough . Just enough to make the dough come out from the bowl. Knead well .Cover it with a warm cheese cloth and keep aside for atleast 30 minutes . The dough will be softer and stretchy.You can make two round ball from it .

2. Take one ball and roll out as thin as possible . But don’t use any flour , while rolling it out . Rub some oil over the rolling pin and the rolling board and roll out the ball into a thin roti . Now apply some ghee or cream cheese over the roti and put some filling over it .

3.Fold the porota half lengthwise from both sides..

3. Deep fry the paratha on medium low heat .