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Shemai Zarda/ Vermicelli zarda


I have got so many requests for the shemai zarda recipe . No wonder this special dessert is almost everyone’s favorite . I prepare it in three different ways . Today I’m sharing you one authentic way of making shemai zarda . But before I share the recipe , I would love to mention , please try to use khoya/ maowa in making shemai zarda , it really makes a great difference . I will share two different way of incorporating khoya in the shemai . I will also share . how to make khoya with powder milk . 🙂
So without much talking , let’s proceed to pur recipe .


1 cup or half packet heaped brown vermicelli/ shemai ( the regular one ) , crushed by hands
3 tbl spoon ghee ( you can mix ghee and oil too)
1/3 rd cup- 1/2 cup sugar or according to taste ( I took 1/3 rd cup)
3/4 th cup – 1cup water ( depending on the quality of shemai, I took little less than 1 cup)
3/4 green cardamoms , 1 stick of cinnamon and 1 bayleaf
Maowa/ khoya
Chopped dried fruits
Keora water


1. In a wide vessel , heat ghee, add cardamom, cinnamon and bayleaf . Add the shemai and fry on low flame until brown .

2. Add the water . Stir only once and don’t stir any more . Cook on medium flame . When the water is almost drying out add the sugar and stir gently once . Now cover the shemai and cook it on low flame few more minutes or until the sugar and water dries out . You can stir gently occassionally , so that the bottom must not get burnt . But don’t stir vigorously .

3. Now you can add moawa/ khoya at this point , if the maowa is in dried form .


Or you can add while serving , if the maowa is in malai form ; like this;


4. Sprinkle with keora and fluff the shemai with a fork . Garnish with chopped dried fruits .

Maowa/ khoya in malai form:

Heat full fat milk on low flame stirring occassionally . You will see a deep layer of cream ( shor ) after sometime . Stir the milk with it . Do it everytime the “cream ” appears . Reduce the milk in this way until very creamy and thick . Add little sugar . Stir . Then pour it over zarda.

Microwave Maowa/ khoya :

Add 1/2 cup of heavy cream or liquid milk , 1/2 tbl spoon ghee with 1/2 cup of powder milk . Microwave for 30 seconds . Stir . If not dried out , then microwave for another 30 seconds . Please keep an eye while doing it , or else the milk canbe burnt . Don’t try to dry out too much . it will be little liquidy as it will solidify after cooling down . 🙂