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Old Dhaka Style Chicken Tehari

Old Dhaka Style Chicken Tehari

Old Dhaka Style Chicken Tehari

For Rice:


1 Chicken, cut in 6/8 pieces
Onion Paste half cup
Ginger paste 1 and half table spoon
Garlic paste 1 and half tea spoon
Red chili powder half teaspoon
Coriander powder half teaspoon
Cardamom , Cinnamon, Bayleaves , black cardamom
1/4th cup oil + 1 tbl spoon of mustard oil
Salt to taste
9/ 10 Baby potatoes
Special Masala

For the masala grind half teaspoon cumin , 1/4 th teaspoon whole coriander , half teaspoon fennel , 3 cardamoms , 5/6 cloves , 9/10 white or black pepper , little mace ( javetri ) and nutmeg ( jaifol) together into a fine powder.

For Rice :

Aromatic rice like kalojeera/ Basmati 750 gram or 3 cups
Ginger paste 1 tbl spoon
Chopped Onion 1/3rd cup
Ghee 100 ml + vegetable oil 100 ml
Salt to taste
2/3 green Cardamoms, 2 small black cardamom, small stick of Cinnamon and 1 Bay leaf
Handful of green chilies, minimum 20 green chilies, but don’t split it.

Cooking Method:

1. Marinate the Chicken with all the ingredients mentioned above. Cook well adding water little by little for at least 30/ 35 minutes.That is what we call ” Koshano” in Bangla. Then add water and potatoes and cook until the water is almost dried out. Don’t add too much water as your chicken will be already almost cooked while “koshano” . Just add enough water to get the potatoes half done and the chicken to be well cooked.

2. In another pot heat ghee+ vegetable oil. Add the cardamoms, cinnamon and bay leaf. Fry for a while and then add the chopped onion .Fry them until they r light brown. add the rice, salt and ginger paste.. Fry a little. Add the chicken with remaining little gravy. Mix well. Add hot water. For each cup of rice, add 1 and half cup of water. So Since here we took 3 cups of rice, we need to add 4 and half cup of water.Cover the lid and cook on medium flame.

3. When the water is almost drying out add handful of green chilies, at least 20.

4. Reduce the heat and stir with light hand without breaking the rice. Keep it on low flame, which is known as dom. What I do, I always use double boiler method. For that place your Tehari pot over another pot, filled with water. Keep it on medium flame. The steam will make the tehari just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serve hot with desi style salad and kababs or even boiled eggs..Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!


1. The real taste of tehari depends on the green chilies we put on it. Don’t get scared putting at least 20 green chilies at a time!!!! It won’t make your tehari hot, but will give you the authentic flavor.

2. Don’t use yogurt or milk while cooking meat . In tehari you don’t need those stuff , rather I’ve noticed tehari tastes even better without using these stuffs. 🙂

3. Don’t stir your tehari too much while cooking, if you do so , you may end up having sticky, gooey mashed rice. Just stir it once with light hand before placing it on “dom”. The rice may seem little uncooked , but don’t add any extra water. When you put it on dom it will be perfect. I always prefer Steaming process I mentioned rather keeping it on taowa.. Steam makes it so perfect..

4. For the authentic smell you may light some charcoal and place it on the top of your pot if you are using any metal lid .. 🙂



A super quick , super healthy , diet friendly Chicken sandwich .. only 260 calorie max !!!!!!!! Filling and yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

A super quick , super healthy , diet friendly Chicken sandwich .. only 260 calorie max !!!!!!!! Filling and yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

A super quick , super healthy , diet friendly Chicken sandwich .. only 260 calorie max !!!!!!!! Filling and yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Boil 50 gram of chicken breast with onion , ginger paste and carrot.

2. When Dried out mix the chicken with 2 teaspoon of butter/ margarine, little salt, chopped onion , green chilies , shredded carrot and bell peppers . You may add little bit of black pepper powder in it.

3. Cut the edges of two slices of bread . Now apply the spread over one slice and cover with other . Cut into halves .

Your two pieces of sandwiches are ready !!!!!!!


Ilish polau /Hilsha polau

Ilish polau /Hilsha polau

Our very own Ilish polau/ Hilsha polau

Ilish polau recipe has two parts . Cooking Ilish korma and combining it with polau .Ilish polau can be cooked in so many different ways based on different recipes of Ilish korma. MY mom used to cook it in at least three different ways. Some times she used to cook it in coconut milk , sometimes in regular milk and sometimes in yogurt. My version is the improvised version and it came out really great !!!!!!!!!! 😀

My version of Ilish polau:



Ilish Korma:

6/7 pieces of Hilsha

1/3 rd cup of Onion paste

1 tbl spoon of Ginger paste

Half table spoon of Ginger juice ( Ada’r rosh)

2 tbl spoon of Sweet yogurt ( mishti doi)

2 tbl spoon of plain yogurt

Half cup of Coconut milk ( you can substitute it for regular milk too , but coconut milk enhances the taste)

Salt to taste


Green chilies

Ingredients for Polau:

3 cups of ( 750 gram) Kalijeera or any other aromatic rice

Sliced Onion 1 medium

Ginger paste 1 and half teaspoon

Bayleaf , cardamom , cinnamon

Salt to taste

Handful of Green chilies



1. Wash the fish well . Beat sweet and plain yogurt together with 1/4 th cup of water so that no lump is there .

2. Heat oil and add the onion paste and ginger paste . Cook them well adding water little by little . Now add the beaten yogurt . Add the fish and salt . Add the ginger juice and cover the lid . When the gravy is reducing add the coconut milk / regular milk . When the gravy comes to desired consistency add some green chilies and keep it on low flame for five minute with the lid on until the oil separates.
Your Ilish korma is ready !!!!!


3. Separate the fishes from the gravy . The gravy will go directly into the polau . 😀

Now the polau part!!!

4. Heat ghee+oil . Add the sliced onion and whole garam masala ( bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom). When the onions are little brown add the ginger paste, salt and rice . Fry them well . Add the gravy into it . Mix well .It would spread the flavor of Ilish in every grain of polau. Now add 4 and half cup of hot water into the rice ( for every cup of rice , take 1 and half cup of water). Cover the lid and cook it on medium flame.

5. When the water is drying out, add handful of green chilies and reduce the heat a little . When the water dried out and your pulao is ready arrange the fish pieces on the top of the polau , cover the lid and place it on very low flame , which we call to keep on “dom”.

6. Be careful while serving . Take out the fish from the top of the polau . Take a serving dish and arrange polau and fish layer by layer . Take some polau and add few pieces of fish, cover it with layer of polau and place remaining pieces of fish on the top of it . Garnish it with Fried onion/ Bereshta .


1. Never fry the fish for Ilish polau .. The taste will be reduced , if you do so.

3. Many put turmeric while cooking the fish !!!!!!!!! It’s a “NO NO” .. The korma for Ilish Polau should be real korma , without turmeric , chili powder .

4. Don’t put cumin in your korma . It may ruin the flavor of Ilish.



Kofta Korma Curry of Rohu Fish/ Rui Macher Kofta Korma Curry

Kofta Korma Curry of Rohu Fish/ Rui Macher Kofta Korma Curry

Kofta Korma Curry of Rohu Fish/ Rui Macher Kofta Korma Curry..
Not only Rohu ,you can use any other big fish to make this “out of the world” kindda dish.


    For the Kofta:

    1. Rohu Fish 4 pieces ( pieces from back is preferred as they have more flesh)

    2. Ginger-garlic paste 1 teaspoon

    3. Turmeric powder half teaspoon

    4. Salt to taste

    5. potato 1 large ( boiled and mashed)

    6. Fried Onions ( Bereshta) 2 tblspoon

    7. Garam masala powder ( optional) a pinch

    8. Chili Powder half teaspoon

    9 1 beaten egg

    10. Breadcrumbs enough to bind and shape the kofta, around 1/3 rd one-third cup


    1.Boil your fish with garlic/ginger paste, turmeric and salt. While boiling use less water, because fish exerts water and only a little amount is needed to boil them.

    2. Take out all the bones and put into a bowl. Combine mashed potato, chili powder, garam masala powder, salt, fried onion, beaten egg and bread crumbs with it.

    3. Make round balls and deep fry and set aside . But since it will be used in Korma Curry, don’t fry them for long. The color needs to be light.


Kofta Korma Curry:


    1. Onion Paste 4 tblspoon

    2. Ginger Paste 2 teaspoon

    3. Garlic paste 1 teaspoon

    4. Chilli powder 1 teaspoon

    5. Coriander Powder

    6. Bayleaf, Cinnamon stick, Cardamom pods

    7. Yogurt , I took both sweet yogurt and regular yogurt together

    8. Salt to taste.

    9. Bell peppers (optional)

    10. Special garam masala powder ( dry roast cumin/jeera, whole coriander/ gota dhone, fenugreek/methi,clove, nutmeg/jaifol, mace/ joyetree, cardamom/elachi,bleck pepper together and crush them into a smooth powder)


    1. Heat oil and add Whole garam masala, elach, darchini, tejpata. Fry them a while. Then add the onion paste, ginger-garlic paste, chili powder, coriander powder and salt. Cook them well adding water little by little, then add beaten yogurt.Cook well adding water little by little. When done add water and put the koftas in it.

    2. Cover the lid. Cook until comes to desired consistency. Then add special garam masala, cubed bell pepper / capsicum and green chilies.

    3. Keep it on very low flame for 5 minutes until oil separates.

    Enjoy your Kofta Korma Curry!!!!! Goes best with Polau/ Pilaf or Khichuri!

Tips/ Notes:

1. In the kofta curry, try to use sweet yogart along with regular yogart as it enhances the taste. If you don’t have sweet yogurt at home, don’t worry.. Just mix a little sugar and tomato ketchup with your yogurt.. It works fantastic as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. You can make so many different dishes with this basic kofta recipe. You may add it in your oriental style sweet n sour fish ball or likewise. You can cook it in coconut milk or you can just add it in curry. In these cases just add turmeric powder while cooking it like curry or in coconut milk. But if you use coconut milk, omit the yogurt.

3. As I said before, this basic kofta recipe can be used in so many recipes.I made fish chop/kabab with it. Just flatten the balls and deep fried it like chop and kababs on medium low heat until nice brown!!!!

4. You can store this kofta/kabab in the deep fridge for a atleast 2 weeks. But for that don’t fry them. Just take them out when needed, fry and use it the way you want!!!!!!!!

Here’s the picture of Fish Chop I made with the basic Kofta dough:



Pudding Cake, sponge cake on the bottom and flan or cream caramel/ pudding on the top

Pudding Cake, sponge cake on the bottom and flan or cream caramel/ pudding on the top

My Pudding Cake…layered pudding+ cake…creamy cream caramel on the top and sponge cake on the bottom!!!!!!!!!!so worth making!!!!!!!!!made it after 5 long years..but turned even better alhamdulillah.

Cooking Method:

    1. First part is doing caramel topping ..spread sugar evenly on ur pan and melt the sugar at very low heat until becomes nice red color..I can share a tricks making caramel..It often happens that our caramel gets burnt on one side and the other side remains color less..for this keep swirling around ur pan while making the caramel( pan ta ghuriye ghuriye sugar ta melt korte hobe)..and if the problem persists, one side gets darker than other sides, then add lil water to the pan and swirl again..u will get the same color from all the sides..

    2. For PUDDING u need,

      2 eggs
      250 ml of evaporated milk+regularfull cream liquid milk ( I took 150 ml of evaporated milk+100 ml of regular full cream milk)
      sugar (according to your taste)

    Beat sugar with milk..In another bowl beat eggs with light hand..If u really want smooth, creamy pudding never over beat or over whip your eggs..this trick applies to egg halwa also….Now mix beaten eggs with beaten milk and sugar..pour onto the caramel in the pan..

    3. The SPONGE CAKE part; for sponge cake u need,

      2 eggs ( separeted into whites and yolks)
      all purpose flour 90 gram
      sugar 90 gram
      melted butter 30 gram
      milk 1 tbl spoon
      vanilla essence

    We are using melted butter for sponge cake for it will keep your sponge cake from being dry..

    First, beat the egg whites with half the sugar, a pinch of salt and half the vanilla until stiff peaks are achieved. Set aside.

    In a separate bowl, beat the egg yolks with the remaining sugar until thick, pale and creamy. Add the milk, remaining vanilla and melted butter and stir. Sift the flour into this mixture and fold/stir it in very gently until combined.

    Next, very gently fold a third of the egg white mixture into this batter, whisk it in, then add all the remaining egg white mixture and fold it in using a spatula. Make sure to use a light hand to combine as any heavy handling or vigorous mixing will deflate the batter.

    Gently add dollops of this airy batter into the cake pan on top of the pudding mixture ..don’t worry layers will separate during baking.

    4.We will use water bath technique to bake this pudding cake..For this you take a pan with water place your pudding pan onto it and then place it into the pre heated oven…Bake it for 40 min at 350 FH..

    5. When done take it out from the oven… Don’t flip over immediately..Let it cool and then place it in the refrigerator for at least 3/4 hours before u flip over ..And while it’s in the pan, with a wet fork lightly prick onto the cake and add cake syrap using a spoon.. cake syrup is easy to make..Water, sugar and valilla essence..Thatz it..You can even use sprite or other colorless drinking soda as your cake syrap..It will keep ur sponge cake moist..

    After 3/4 hours take it out from the refrigerator and flip it over on a serving’s so worth making..:D



Firni/ Payesh / Kheer

Firni/ Payesh / Kheer

Firni / Payesh / Kheer


    1. Full Cream Regular Milk 1 and half Liter

    2. 1/4 th cup (one fourth cup) of aromatic Rice / Polau chaal like Kalijeera, Chini gura or Basmati , soaked ( at least 1 hour)and drained.

    3. Sugar

    4 Cardamom, Cinnamon, Bay leaf

    5. Powder Milk 3 Tbl spoon or evaporated milk 1/4 th cup

    6. Dried fruits like nuts and raisins

    7.Rose Water


1. Pour milk to a heavy bottomed Saucepan or Pot. Add the rice, cardamom pods, cinnamon stick and bay leaf.

2. Cook it on low medium flame , stirring occasionally so that the bottom must not get burnt.

3. The milk will come to boil but keep cooking. When the milk has come to almost the desired consistency add sugar. You may add 3 tbl spoon of powder milk, dissolved in half cup liquid milk or you may add 1/4 th ( one fourth cup )cup of evaporated milk at this point for extra creamy texture. Cook a little while. Add raisins and chopped nuts.

4. The firni or payesh gets thicker after cooling down. So don’t make it too thick. Sprinkle some rose water if you want.

5. Garnish with almond, pista and raisins.


    1. The milk alwayz rise up to the top of the pot. So to be care free alwayz use a large pot to prevent overflowing and mess.



Double Layered Fruit Custurd

Double Layered Fruit Custurd

Double Layered Fruit Custurd

Two Different tastes together…


First layer:

1. Milk 1 liter
2. 2 egg yolks
3. Custard Powder ( as directed in the packet)
4. Sugar to taste

Second Layer:

1. Sweetened Condensed milk half tin
2. Sour Cream 100 gram
3. Heavy cream ( whipped) 100 gram

And Fruits of your choice


Pour 1 litre milk in a pot.. Either Cold or of room temperature. Remember they must not be hot…Take 1 cup from it…Blend two egg yolks ( only the yolk) and Custard powder with that milk..Now mix them with the remaining milk of the pot..Turn on the stove and boil them..Add sugar…Stir constantly.. It will take a while until they become thick..Make a medium thick custard….Keep it aside to cool..better to keep it in the fridge after it gets cool..

For the second custard mix condensed milk, sour cream/ yogurt and heavy cream together…Mix some canned fruit with it like canned mangosteen, pineaple and canned palm seeds..

Now in a transparent bowl pour some of the from the first custard and then add your favorite fruits, like banana, mango, papaya..You may add swiss roll pieces too..Add some blob of jello…Pour the first custard again.. Now pour the second custard …Decorate them with jello..Keep it in the refrigerator..serve when it’s cool…yummy..


Kalakand/ Indian Milk Cake

Kalakand/ Indian Milk Cake

Kalakand/Indian Milk Cake , a super easy way..


For Chaana/ chesse

1. Milk 1 ltr / 4 cups

2. Lemon Juice 1 and half table spoon

Other Ingredients:

1. Ghee/clarified butter 2 tbl spoon

2. Powder Milk 4/5 tbl spoon

3. Condensed Milk a little more than half Tin

4. Cardamom Powder/ Elach guro half teaspoon

5. Yellow food color very little ( optional)

Cooking Method:

1. Heat the milk and bring it to a boil stirring occasionally so that the milk should not get burnt on the bottom. Then add the lemon juice and stir until the greenish water is seen, i.e, the whey is separated and the milk curdled.

2. Now remove almost all the whey/ water from the cheese , taking a little amount of it . If you strain all the whey no prob at all. 🙂

3. Continue to cook the Chaana on the stove on medium low heat. Add ghee, cardamom powder and sweetend condensed milk. Keep stirring. It will get thicker and will form water less lump. Remember Kalakand should have that crumbly texture.Then add the powder milk and a little bit of yellow food color. But yes of course, You can alwayz omit the food color part.. 😀 … Keep cooking until the mixture come together.

4. When done transfer it to a greased( with butter/ghee) serving dish. Let it cool and then cut it with a greased knife. Garnish with Pistachio and raisins.







For the Kunafeh Crust:

Normally shredded phyllo known as Kataif is used for kunafeh, which is almost similar to our Desi lachcha shemai ( fried vermicelli)…lachcha shemai is cheaper and easily available in any Indian, Bangladeshi store that being the main reason of making this fusion Kunafeh..Anyone who doesn’t have the opportunity to get the shredded phylo , they still can get the taste of this Lavantine dessert with our very own Lachcha Shemai! 🙂


Lachcha shemai 250 gram ,half of a packet containing 500 gram of shemai.
Melted butter 6 tbl spoon
orange color


Option # 1:

Kunafeh filling varies from country to country.. To me Lavantine Kunafeh is yummier than Egyptian or any other version..They use Nablusi cheese..But since I didn’t get the nablusi cheese so made the filling using something else!!!!
For filling you need any sweet cheese, cream cheese or either of the two..Some use ricotta , mozarella too..

Beat the cream chese until fluffy..In a pot boil half cup of milk with 3 tbl spoon semolina and 3 tbl spoon sugar…make it let it cool..mix in cheese with it until it gets a smoother texture… The gluey texture is actually to hold the kunafeh intact!!!!!!


Another option is , make filling with Maowa/ Khoya and homemade Chaana . add Little sugar with it . You may add maowa/ khoya with the filling mentioned in option#1 .. Choice is yours !!!! 🙂


Make a medium thick sugar syrap..It shouldn’t be too runny, neither it be too thick..While making the sugar syrap you may add two cardamom and at the end sprinkle some rose water..Let it cool..


Mix melted butter with ur lachcha shemai until it is all absorbed. Mix some orange color with the dough..Try to break the shemai into as small pieces as possible by using your hand ..)…Take a greased pan and line it with parchment or wax paper..Take half the dough that you mixed the butter with and place it in pan.Pat down the dough well until you can’t see the bottom of the pan.
Cover it with the filling u made..Cover it with the other half of the dough. Pat down very well..
Now bake it in a preheated oven at 350 FH for 35 min..Until it gets crispy and done..

Remove the kunafeh from the oven and flip it over on ur serving dish and pour the syrup on top of it evenly..Remember the syrap shouldn’t be should be of room temperature… Serve your kunafeh warm or at room temperature!!!!!!


1.The Kunafeh may look loose after taking it out from the oven. But don’t worry , don’t afraid to flip over.It is set and after you pour the syrap it will be in perfect shape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.You may use nuts and dried fruits over the filling, if you like!!!!!!!!!!



Muhellabia/ Mahalabia, a very light refreshing Middle -Eastern dessert…

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Muhellabia/ Mahalabia, a very light refreshing Middle -Eastern dessert…

Muhellabia/Mahalabia is a thick custurd like milk pudding..
Very easy to make but tastes so good..


2 cups of milk, (Try to take thick milk , you may boil 4 cups of regular milk and reduce it to two cups for the enriched flavor)

3 tbl spoon of corn starch which is known as maizena too

4- 6 tbl spoon of sugar ( according to your taste)

Rose water/ orange blossom

Another 50 ml of milk for the corn starch to dissolve..


Heat the milk with sugar…when comes to boiling point add the cornstarch mixed with 50 ml of regular milk…Add that in the milk..Stir in until thick..Add rose water or in Moroccon way you can add orange blossom too..I love it with rose water..Muhellabia thickens after being cool down, so it should be medium thick…Pour into several individual ramekins..keep it in the refrigerator to set…After 3/ 4 hours keep it out from refrigerator and serve with dried fruits..Pour some honey over it…Ready..

In Egypt, Jordan and some part of Middle East the make mahalabia with rice too which is similar to our ” Firni”..but I love mahalabia this authentic way..easy to make and so refreshing…

Note: The consistency of Mahalabia should be greek yogart like thick ..If you add too much cornstarch or make it too thick before cooling down it would turn into something which is not mahalabia at all!!!!!!!!!